‘Peace Out’ at RHS: Racist markings spark sidewalk chalk

[wide][/wide] “Ridgefield Will Not Be Silent,” “Love Is Love Is Love Is Love Is Love,” “Give Peace a Chance” — words written in chalk can be more powerful than those etched in stone. Those phrases of hope and tolerance, drawn next to symbols of equality and respect on sidewalks outside Ridgefield High School Monday, replaced the cement-scraped markings of bigotry … read more

Letter: There is no such thing as a routine call for police officers

To the Editor: In the past months we have seen many vigils and marches for various causes, both nationally and locally. Some worthwhile. We have also seen many protests, I use the term lightly as they are often riots. There are several common denominators attached to these riots. There will be physical damage, harassment of peaceful assemblies, a few arrests. … read more

Inside Education: SRBI benefits all of our learners

Scientifically Researched-Based Intervention (SRBI) is an approach to education designed to ensure that all students receive high-quality instruction in the general education curriculum as well as targeted interventions for those students experiencing learning, social-emotional or behavioral difficulties. The state of Connecticut mandates that all school districts in Connecticut use this process, which includes development of three tiers of support. SRBI … read more

Burr Bradleys win history contest

The competition was fierce at the Battle of Ridgefield IV, Keeler Tavern Museum and History Center’s (KTHC’s) third annual history trivia contest Friday, March 24. Nine teams of four to six contestants participated in the contest by answering history questions covering topics from the founding of the United States to World War II. The 62 trivia questions, a mix of … read more

Prevention Plus: Alcohol awareness month

Editor’s note: This week’s Prevention Plus column was written by Megan C, a young adult in recovery from Ridgefield. The Ridgefield Prevention Council asked Megan to tell her story and what AA means to her recovery as part of its initiative to discuss National Alcohol Awareness Month in April. “AA is not the only path to recovery, but for many … read more

Walsh's Wonderings — More than ‘One Shining Moment’

Seasons can’t be judged solely on whether a team raises a championship banner. Nowhere is this more evident than in the way a young woman’s lanky frame was shoehorned into a quiet corner of a locker room two weeks ago, her fingers dancing along the computer keyboard perched perilously on her lap. Her UConn basketball teammates were immersed in a … read more

Letter: Ridgefield fuel depot poses significant environmental risks

To the Editor: Shameful. A 15-year-old underground fuel storage tank is old by today’s standards. Ridgefield’s more than 30-year-old fuel depot underground tanks present a significant risk of soil and groundwater contamination, and apparently are in violation of the Connecticut Underground Storage Tank Regulations. Is no one managing environmental compliance for the town? The Ridgefield Inland Wetlands Board is tasked … read more

Battle Apron: 5th Connecticut Regiment

Battle of Ridgefield

Editor’s note: This is the fourth of eight columns provided to The Press in lead-up to the Battle of Ridgefield re-enactment Saturday, April 29. The 5th Connecticut Regiment (5CR) was first raised in May of 1775 at Danbury. It was reconstituted Jan. 1, 1777, as one of 88 regiments established by Continental Congress for three-year service. The new unit, mostly … read more

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