Letter: Praise for juried show at Guild of Artists

To the Editor: Denise Bibro of Denise Bibro Fine Art in the Chelsea district of Manhattan was our juror for the Guild’s 41st Annual Juried Exhibition. We had an intense “jury day” watching Denise examine the submissions and create her vision for this year’s show.   When the day was done, we were thrilled to receive her statement about her … read more

Letter: Kavanaugh hearings diminished presumption of innocence

To the Editor: The country suffered through the Kavanaugh hearings. There were many painful parts of the hearing. The attempted destruction of a fine man, the abandonment of one of our most important principles, established by our forefathers: The presumption of innocence.   The betrayal of Dr. Ford’s request for anonymity, by someone on the Democratic side. Then, there were … read more

Letter: Vote to protect public lands

To the Editor: Currently, the Connecticut General Assembly can sell, swap, or give away state parks, forests, and other valuable public lands with no public input. That is why we support the public land conveyance constitutional amendment that will be on this November’s ballot. The amendment will require a public hearing and 2/3 vote from the General Assembly before our … read more

Letter: The glass slipper doesn’t fit

To the Editor: This Tuesday (Oct. 16), we will have our third hearing on the Ridgefield Winter Club special permit application. During the first hearing, we heard about the plans for this immense project. During the second hearing, we heard from the town peer review and the neighbors’ attorney and experts how this proposal does not meet Ridgefield’s special permit … read more

Benefits of Girl Scouting

To the Editor: Today, we acknowledge International Day of the Girl Child. Since 2012, the world has celebrated this day to highlight global progress in female achievement and raise up issues regarding the unique needs of girls and special challenges they face in our complex world today. While we celebrate many advances girls and women have made in society, our … read more

Letter: Using common sense in a scorching political season

To the Editor:  I have been an unaffiliated voter all my voting life. Consistently, my votes have been cast for candidates without consideration of political party. In the past, my vote for John Frey was based on common sense. To date, this is what I know. John Frey has served Ridgefield residents well. Over the years John has steadily climbed … read more

Letter: Who is really benefiting from 233 Danbury Road and 8-30g statute?

To the Editor: I recently attended the Planning and Zoning meeting regarding 233 Danbury Road. Let me begin by saying there seems to be a total lack of planning for the development of our town. This problem, coupled with developers who are now using the affordable housing law (8-30g) to make huge profits, often at the expense of their neighbors, … read more