Letter: Medicine is sure on start times

To the Editor: As an adolescent medicine specialist, I have extensively reviewed the literature on school start times, and followed along with public opinion. It is important for me, as a healthcare provider, to state that there are few topics in medicine with this much definitive literature. The effects of sleep deprivation on adolescents are widespread and serious, including increased … read more

Letter: Common sense not demagoguery

To the Editor: Ridgefield residents who are asking difficult questions of the BOE are not “demagogues.” We are involved, concerned parents and tax-paying citizens. Opposition to SST concerns a lack of cost transparency, viable start and end time scenarios, and a plan that considers the needs of all student populations. In just two weeks, an opposition petition has obtained close … read more

Letter: Science, not demagogues

To the Editor: A small, insistent segment of the community has staked out an irrational position that disregards the strong, scientifically-based medical consensus for healthy school start times. The small size and limited influence of the opponents were clearly exposed in the results of the November 2017 local election and the spring 2018 budget referendum. Both followed BOE’s fall 2017 … read more

Letter: Not hiring Santarsiero is a great loss for Scotland Elementary

Recently, the Scotland Elementary School community learned Mr. Santarsiero, our interim principal, was not hired to remain on as full-time principal. I’m completely shocked, as Mr. Santarsiero wanted this position, applied for this position, and has proven himself in this position — working so diligently these last few months while in the capacity of interim. SES has gone through so … read more

Letter: School board is wasting taxpayer money pursuing later start times

Thank you, Mike Mignano, for properly deploring the hysterical continuation of efforts to change school start times. As a parent to three Ridgefield graduates, I am confident they were not impeded by rising at times practiced by humans for millennia. As a taxpayer, I am incensed that the BOE is wasting my money continuing to pursue what has been roundly … read more

Letter: Voters want state roads, bridges to improve

The Department of Transportation plans to widen the southbound lane of Route 7 to make turning right onto Route 102 easier. The agency also wants to stop southbound drivers from turning left into Branchville Station through Depot Road. —Steve Coulter photo

To the Editor: It is amusing that some continue to argue that tolls should be called taxes. The voters have spoken. They don’t care about nomenclature. Voters signaled they want Connecticut’s roads and bridges improved, and that they are willing to pay user-fees to support delivery of critical infrastructure improvements and congestion reduction programs. Connecticut is the only state between … read more

Letter: Lights hurt wildlife

To the Editor: According to an article on the International Dark Sky Association’s website, light pollution and artificial light — like the 40-foot towers proposed for the winter “club” — trick nocturnal animals into believing night is day, often with disastrous consequences. It can disrupt countless vital behaviors, including mating, migrating, navigating, reproducing, finding food, sleeping, and self-defense. It can … read more

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