Letter: Time to lift our heads out of the sand

Let’s hope our planning and zoning commissioners have stopped believing the reports of “experts” and believe their own eyes. Every traffic report with every new project shows “no appreciable increase in traffic.”   Sadly, I can get to the Merritt in Stamford faster than I can get to Route 7 and 35. Maybe the experts are right about an individual … read more

Letter: Why commercial and residential zones don’t mix

To the Editor: As a parent, I am extremely concerned about the possibility of the Ridgefield Winter Club being built in my neighborhood. The property is surrounded by houses where children of all ages live. These children will have to go to sleep listening to scoreboard buzzers, outdoor music from loud speakers, pucks hitting the wall, yelling, etc. — seven … read more

Letter: Why vote in the primaries?

To the Editor: On Aug. 14, registered Republicans and Democrats will have the opportunity to vote in their primary election. Why are primary elections important? Primary elections provide yet another avenue through which voters can take part in the process of choosing their own leaders, selecting  the people in their party who most resemble their own belief system, letting politicians … read more

Letter: Marketing police violence as ‘fun and games’ for kids

To the Editor: Last week’s “Junior Police Academy” article glamorizes the use of violent police force, teaching children that some groups of people deserve violence and other groups are entitled to administer it. The article reflected no consideration to the “suspects” the students were trained to beat, tase, and shoot. Officer Murray acknowledged the intense level of pain when Loki … read more