Editorial: Overcome differences

So many problems — the neighborhood’s, the town’s, the world’s problems — have their roots in differences, and people making too much of them. Racial differences were the principal focus of the civil rights leader whose vision and heart will be celebrated Monday. But race wasn’t Dr. Martin Luther King’s only concern. He was an advocate not only for civil … read more

Editorial: Holiday magic

The festive spirit, the sound of carolers, the sight of ice sculptures and strolling toy soldiers — they’re all part of the magic that makes up Ridgefield’s Holiday Stroll. Downtown Ridgefield’s annual winter tradition celebrates its 19th anniversary Friday night when festivities kick off at 6. There will be plenty of opportunities for residents to shop and dine in the … read more

Editorial: Moving time

All this could be yours. The Ridgefield Press building, 16 Bailey Avenue, is on the market. —Press photo

Last month, The Press announced it had been acquired by Hearst Connecticut Media Group. This week marks the next evolution in that process as our staff transitions out of the paper’s headquarters at 16 Bailey Avenue — its home for the last eight decades — into a second-floor office space at 345 Main Street in Danbury. While it’s undoubtedly sad … read more

GOP Viewpoint: Review the facts before you vote

This election is not about the president. This election is about what is best for Connecticut and Ridgefield. Democrats want to make this election a referendum on the policies of the president. They want votes based on emotion, fear and anger. I’m asking you to take a breath and review the facts before you vote. Democrats have held every state constitutional seat in … read more

Editorial: A beautiful friendship

“Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” The final line of “Casablanca” is delivered by Humphrey Bogart’s Rick Blaine as he walks alongside Claude Rains’ Captain Louis Renault into the fog-filled night. It’s one of the most iconic moments in film history — a climax that marks the completion of Blaine’s redemptive journey as he stays … read more

Editorial: Wasted college stress

Kids are stressed out — really stressed out — about getting into college. It’s unnecessary, and unfortunate. “There’s so much pressure put on you to do everything to buff that résumé,” a student interviewing for a Youth Commission seat told the selectmen last week. “… The competition to get into school is really the main pressure.” Parents aren’t the whole … read more

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