Editorial: Join the aristocracy

Ever have a sad laugh at the expense of those societies where a strongman holds show elections and runs unopposed, or against token hand-picked opposition — and is “elected” with 98% of the vote? Our system is different. We can choose — from the Republican, the Democrat, or a protest vote for a candidate from a smaller party, like the … read more

Editorial: On to the voters

With months of research and discussion behind it, the Charter Revision Commission has decided not to back away from its recommendation that the Inland Wetlands Board be separated from the Planning and Zoning Commission. The Board of Selectmen should accept that decision and allow the proposed charter change to go to voters in November. As the charter process works, the … read more

Editorial: A heart’s gift

A rich and full life was enjoyed by former selectman Michael Venus, who died peacefully on July 1. The testimony of his time might be to live well, serve the community, and enjoy. But his 74 years also serve as reminder of the priceless gifts people make by choosing to be organ donors. Growing up in Ridgefield, Mike Venus worked … read more

Editorial: Social media restraint

In the seemingly inexorable march of new technology, it was inevitable that a public official in town would eventually be embroiled by behaviors demonstrated in social media’s limitless highway — a domain where thoughts can be posted without caution, or moderation. Just because an outcome looks unavoidable, it doesn’t necessarily warrant a pardon. And that’s why Scotland Elementary School parents … read more

Editorial: Remembering war

“The Great War,” it was called, “the war to end all war.” World War I didn’t end war. And it wasn’t great — just large. Wars may be for a great cause, or achieve good ends. World War I launched the Atlantic alliance of American and European democracies that guards freedom to this day. Events and celebrations remember the devotion … read more

Editorial: Eat, stroll, listen, enjoy!

Warm summer evenings, great music in a beautiful park, Ridgefield’s lovely Main Street sidewalks to stroll down — what a delightful surplus of simple pleasures. Let’s not diminish them by being stubborn, or willfully blind about parking. The Tuesday night summer concerts presented by Barbara Manners’ organization CHIRP — Concert Happenings in Ridgefield’s Parks — started up last week with … read more

Editorial: Main Street views

Trees, parking, turning lanes. Do you have thoughts on the changes proposed for Main Street? The state’s Department of Transportation is listening before moving forward with a $3.15-million renovation plan. Now’s the time to speak up. People with comments may email them to [email protected] or send them to Michael Calabrese PE, Bureau of Engineering and Construction, Connecticut Department of Transportation, … read more