Guided Main Street walks will discuss Battle of Ridgefield history

The Battle of Ridgefield will be the subject of the Ridgefield Historical Society’s guided Main Street walks on Saturday and Sunday, April 21 and 22, at 2 and on Saturday, April 28, at 1. The 90-minute walks will begin at the Main Street entrance to Casagmo, the former home of Benjamin Stebbins and the original site of the barricade erected … read more

Looking Back: Trade Center work, film on Vietnam

“I’ve never seen anything with that high, powerful damage,” remarked Ridgefield resident Ennala Ramabhushanam in the March 11, 1993, Ridgefield Press. Ramabhushanam, a manager and structural engineer for the Port Authority, had spent the past two weeks working on repairs to the World Trade Center after an explosion in a parking garage Feb. 26. “Because I am a structural engineer … read more

New Canaan historian to tell of Battle of Ridgefield

Local historian Jim Bach will give a half-hour talk on The Battle of Ridgefield —the closest Revolutionary War battle to New Canaan- at the New Canaan Historical Society meeting Saturday, March 10 at 3 p.m. In April 1775, New Canaan was a sleepy township of 900. The British army set off to destroy George Washington’s valuable medical and military supplies … read more

Paul Roche retires after four decades of dedication to recreation

After leading the charge for public recreation in Ridgefield for 41 years — carrying the flag for fields and programs, buildings, maintenance and a “pay as you go” approach —  Paul Roche is retiring. “We’ve had great people,” he said. “Everybody works together as a team to make this thing go, and they all feel part of the team.” Roche … read more

Looking Back: Nannygate, traffic battles

Does anyone remember Nannygate? The scandal that derailed corporate lawyer Zoë Baird’s bid for United States attorney general made headlines in the Feb. 18, 1993, edition of The Ridgefield Press — a little less than a month after it was discovered that President Bill Clinton’s attorney general nominee had employed two illegal aliens from Peru as a nanny and chauffeur … read more

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