Walsh’s Wonderings — The right way

I’ve rarely been accused of doing things the right way, but I know I’m not alone when I’m out for a walk. It’s reassuring to see how many of my neighbors are equally oblivious to the rules of right-of-way. It’s frustrating, but reassuring nonetheless. Let’s start off with an obvious one: State statutes remind us that if there’s a sidewalk … read more

GOP Viewpoint: Thank you for your service!

While we have all been focused on the end of our extended school year, the transition to summer and enjoying watching the FIFA World Cup, may we please suggest that now is the time to thank our elected public servants representing Ridgefield in Hartford.   While the media coverage is not what it should be, state Rep. John Frey and … read more

Column: The history — and future — of Schlumberger

Dick Larson, Schlumberger committee chairman, at the site as it looks today.

In 2012, the Town purchased 45 acres, located between Old Quarry Road and Sunset Lane, from Schlumberger for $7 million.  Now, six years later, it seems timely to review what has happened on the site and consider what remains to be done. In 2012 the buildings on the site were deteriorating rapidly. There were several failed attempts by the Town … read more

Walsh’s Wonderings — The importance of the Fourth of July

Yesterday we celebrated the courage our forefathers showed 242 years ago in throwing off the chains of oppression in the interest of a new, more representative government. They created the Declaration of Independence with the idea it would precede a living document–our Constitution — that would inoculate the country from the whims of its leaders. (For instance, Ben Franklin suggesting … read more