Democratic View: Pride, progress, sacrifice

On Saturday afternoon, June 15, the combined Gay-Straight Alliances of East Ridge Middle School, Scotts Ridge Middle School, and Ridgefield High School held their first annual “Pride in the Park” celebration. It was a roaring success. Families and groups from across Ridgefield and nearby towns crowded Ballard Park to celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride. On Saturday in Ballard Park, there was no … read more

Living History: A slice of life from 1929

Among the recent additions to the Ridgefield Historical Society’s collection is a 1929 scrapbook that beautifully details a year in the life of Ridgefield High School students at a time when the country and the world was on the precipice of great changes. The album was the meticulous work of Marion G. Scofield and it illustrates the ordinary lives of … read more

Democratic budget: Savings & stability

HB7424, the Democratic state budget bill, passed the House on June 3. Contrary to misinformation-spewing borrow-and-spend-Republicans, the Democratic budget holds taxes flat, pays down long-term liabilities, maintains funding for towns and schools, achieves important savings, and builds on and accelerates renewed economic and fiscal dynamism. Stabilizes and reforms growth-sapping fixed costs Saves $185 million in state employee and retiree health … read more

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