Letter: Proposed affordable units are good for town

To the Editor: There are many residents in Ridgefield who raised their families here and want to stay in Ridgefield in smaller,and more easily accessible apartments. There are not enough apartments for rent. The proposed new apartments on Governor/Prospect Ridge areas will also offer some special affordable rental units.   We need more apartments, such as these that Steve Zemo … read more

Letter: Restoring Connecticut’s prosperity


To the Editor: Last week’s Democratic View by Will Haskell exemplifies why CT is in economic tatters. His anti-business negativity is shown by his reference to “tax-sheltered executives,” as if all business leaders avoid paying taxes. Add to this our outrageously high taxes with surcharges on business and meddling/punishing regulations, and we can understand why businesses have been leaving CT … read more

GOP Viewpoint: Dedicated leaders

The Town of Ridgefield and the State of Connecticut are fortunate to have two dedicated elected officials who represent us in Hartford. State Sen. Toni Boucher and state Rep. John Frey are both well respected veterans in Hartford and in our community.   Sen. Boucher represents six towns in addition to Ridgefield: New Canaan, Wilton, Weston, Bethel, Redding and Westport.  Toni is … read more

Editorial: Freedom to speak

Sewers, superintendents, and skate clubs — Ridgefielders have an opinion about everything these days, and for good reason. There’s a costly (and unavoidable) sewer renovation coming down the pipeline, the town’s top-paid employee resigned this spring amid controversy and the school board hasn’t found a full-time replacement, and the proposed winter club on Peaceable Street is seen as a threat … read more

Letter: Winter club presentation provided more questions than answers

To the Editor: At the first meeting on the winter club proposal, I was struck by several specious points in proponent’s presentation:   Counsel in the presentation assured us that no change in value would occur to property in its vicinity as the town’s appraisal had occurred a year ago and would not recur for five years.    Really?   … read more

RVNA Today: Text neck — what’s old is new again

Chances are you’ve been cautioned about “text neck,” a relatively recent condition that refers to pain in the neck caused by straining to see a small, hand-held device. But your cell phone isn’t the only culprit. And “text neck” isn’t new. It’s just a catchy name for an old problem: neck strain due to poor posture. And while it’s now … read more

Library Lines: Arts alive at the library

Arts programming is alive at the Ridgefield Library this fall. Opportunities abound for those who love to write, read, listen and create. The sixth annual Ridgefield Writers Conference happens Sept. 21, and the Ridgefield Folk series kicks off on Sept. 23. The library’s many book groups are in full swing, offering lively and thought-provoking discussions every month. The library’s STEAM … read more

Letter: Let us remember

To the Editor: Let us remember that, under the leadership of our last U.S. President, Barack Obama, our country did the following: Strongly supported alliances with our allies that helped to spread democracy and to raise the standard of living throughout the world.             Climbed out of a global financial crisis where protections were put in place to prohibit financial … read more