ACT of CT to give Thrift Shop ‘fitting’ recognition following dressing room grant

To the Editor: ACT of Connecticut (A Contemporary Theatre) is extremely thankful for the Ridgefield Thrift Shop’s exceptionally generous grant award, which exceeded our wildest dreams.  Still in our first full season, we are very grateful for the Ridgefield Thrift Shop’s support of our mission to bring Broadway-caliber theatre and educational programs to Ridgefield and the surrounding communities. Gifts like … read more

Giving Thanks: Thrift Shop supports Children’s Holiday Gift Fund

To the Editor: The Evelyn C. Peeler Children’s Holiday Gift Fund is pleased to be a recipient of a generous grant from the Ridgefield Thrift Shop. For over 42 years, the mission of the Evelyn C. Peeler Children’s Holiday Gift Fund has been to ensure that less-fortunate children in Ridgefield have gifts to open, new clothing and food certificates during … read more

Letter: Environmentalist supports Ridgefield Voters United

To the Editor: I applaud Ridgefield Voters United’s initiative (Ridgefield Press, March 7, 2019). We can develop needed and sustainable commercial enterprises but at the same time we must preserve open space and crucial wetlands. Sacrificing these could create environmental damage and devalue property. Trees and other plants provide oxygen and serve as carbon sinks by removing carbon dioxide. Vernal … read more

Letter: Stop regionalization

To the Editor: Regionalization will lead to the degradation of Connecticut’s integrity. These bills are being touted by politicians as being in the interest of taxpayers by lowering costs through the consolidation of resources in existing school districts; 150 school districts consolidated to 54 regional districts! The public hearing in Hartford on March 1 made it clear that these bills … read more

Democratic View: Reminder: Warranted mistrust

In December this column warned, “As Gov.-elect Lamont initiates programs to accelerate repair of Connecticut finances and economy, view Republican criticisms with the extreme mistrust they warrant.” Connecticut Republicans continue to deceive, subverting public discourse about problems and solutions into crude efforts to generate fear, instill cynicism, and misinform. Gov. Malloy was the first governor in decades to reduce state … read more

Walsh’s Wonderings — New rules for talking

I’m all for free and open communication, and goodness knows we could use more of that in the legislative buildings of Hartford and D.C. these days. However, there’s a reason for the old adage, “Silence is golden.” There are times and places where talking isn’t a good thing. For instance, anything said through a closed bathroom door probably shouldn’t be … read more

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