Editorial: Remember, and raise voices

Memorial Day’s exuberant parade and solemn ceremonies come this year at a troubling time. Some of America’s leaders are again saber rattling, talking up a possible war with Iran, pushing a rival nation in ways that could easily lead to an all too familiar series of miscalculations and counter-miscalculations — sanctions, economic pressure, threats and counter-threats, deployments and counter-deployments. One … read more

Democratic View: A public option for Connecticut

I saw an ad on Facebook last week that stunned me. “Connecticut’s private health insurance options are working just fine,” it boasted. According to whom? Certainly not the small business owners I’ve met who tell me that healthcare coverage consumes an ever-greater portion of their budget. Not the senior citizens who struggle to afford their increasingly expensive prescription medication. I’m … read more

Aquifer Protection Agency: Facts and information

Ridgefield has 10 aquifer protection zones. One is a state-defined Level A aquifer and is regulated by the Aquifer Protection Agency. The other nine locally-defined aquifers are regulated by the Planning and Zoning Commission . All aquifers are regulated by An Act Concerning Aquifer Protection Areas, and fall under the authority of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, with … read more

Letter: Charter change needed

To the Editor: Ridgefield’s Charter provides that residents who attend the town’s historical Annual Town and Budget Meeting (Town Meeting) can vote to reduce the town and/or school budgets. These budgets are developed over many months by town and school officials after extensive analysis and careful deliberation. Input and critiques by residents are encouraged at two school public hearings and … read more

Letter: Aquifer protection demands more attention

To the Editor: Aquifer protection demands far more than 10 minutes worth of meeting time this past year, as reported in the May 9, 2019 Ridgefield Press, or comparable fits of benign neglect going back decades. It demands attention by an independent Wetland Board that understands that aquifer protection is more than mapping “wellhead protection areas.” It is an all-encompassing … read more

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