Ridgefield fire marshal’s office gives holiday safety tips (COLUMN)

With the winter months rapidly approaching, the Ridgefield Fire Marshal’s office and the Ridgefield Fire Department would like to remind everyone to be safe this holiday season as we enjoy our time with friends and family. Every year, there are a multitude of circumstances that can occur that result in loss of life and or property. We would like to … read more

Democratic View: Thank you

Tuesday was an historic election and Ridgefield Democrats have much for which we are thankful. Our greatest thanks are to each voter, no matter party or votes cast, for voting. Turnout was high for a mid-term with unofficial tallies of over 12,000 ballots cast, including nearly 1,300 absentee ballots and almost 90 Election Day registrations. That level of participation is … read more

Letter: Creating a more compassionate Ridgefield

To the Editor: Ridgefield has long enjoyed stature as being one of Connecticut’s safest and most enjoyable places to live and raise a family. We are a vibrant community of people who really care about one another and who give generously of themselves as volunteers in schools, museums, civic and religious groups on the ball fields, and to neighbors in … read more

Letter: State government is our last line of defense against moral debauchery


To the Editor: I am appalled Hope Wise, chairman of the Ridgefield Republican Town Committee, would write such puerile and juvenile comments in her GOP Viewpoint endorsement. About Democratic opponent Will Haskell, “I wouldn’t send him to Stop & Shop,” that’s good as he has far more important things to do than carry her water. And of Aimee Berger-Girvalo, “organizing … read more

Letter: Local Democrats have used Trump-like tactics in campaign against Frey

To the Editor: As a lifelong Democrat, I’m saddened by the aggressive campaign among some fellow Democrats to frame John Frey as a corrupt Trump-supporting extremist. They employ tactics pulled straight from Trump’s own playbook, such as using old photographs of John before his radical weight-loss, abusing physical appearance as a political tool. I hate to see my party dragged … read more

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