Town hall tree removal closes Bailey Avenue Tuesday morning Tree removal crews were out in front of town hall before 5 a.m. Tuesday morning to remove a pair of rotting, century-old elm trees. The tree removal process closed down Bailey Agenue at the intersection of Main Street and blocked off parts of the village’s sidewalks. As of 8:40 a.m. Tuesday, one tree was completely removed and its partner … read more

Junior Police Academy: A day in the life of a Ridgefield cop

Would-be car burglars and speeding motorists beware: There’s a new sheriff in town. Make that 27 of them, and all are a few years shy of getting their driving permits. The Ridgefield Police recently held its Junior Police Academy, a five-day course for middle-school aged kids to get a taste of working in law enforcement — with a postgraduate stop … read more

Heat advisory remains in effect for the entire tri-state area through Tuesday night

The National Weather Service reports that hot and humid weather will continue through the middle of this week. Heat indices are expected to approach 95 to 100 degrees for Monday afternoon. They will remain at that level into the early evening of Monday. The heat index for Tuesday will also be around 95 to 100 degrees, the weather service predicts. … read more

Cap on tax deductions is challenged by state

Death and taxes have long been regarded as life’s certainties. Maybe add lawsuits. And politics. The new $10,000 cap on the deductions federal income tax payers can take for their state and local taxes — knowns as the “SALT” deduction — was adopted to help offset the fiscal impact of the tax cuts passed by Republican majorities in Congress in … read more

Danbury police: Ridgefield man arrested in Rite Aid amphetamine robbery

Danbury police arrested 22-year-old Ridgefield resident Thomas Redmond for robbery in the first degree after he allegedly robbed the Rite Aid pharmacy located at 113 Mill Plain Road on July 29. Police say Redmond walked into the store threatening that he had a gun, and forced a pharmacist to open a safe, from which he stole two bottles of amphetamines. … read more

Mickey Grasso named assistant fire chief

Firefighting and emergency medical service have been a focus for new Assistant Fire Chief Mickey Grasso since high school, when he and fellow Ridgefield High School Class of 1977 graduate Jerry Myers — now the fire chief he’ll be working with — signed up for a volunteer fire department outreach program. “We got introduced into the fire service in high … read more

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