Binge and Repeat: Wanderlust experiments with marriage

A couple tries to spice up their relationship by opening up their marriage after 20 years and agreeing to sleep with other people in Netflix’s series Wanderlust. Toni Collette stars as Joy, a therapist who finds her marriage lacking. After Joy and Alan (played by Steven Macintosh) admit to cheating on each other, they decide that sleeping with other people … read more

Binge and Repeat: The First focuses on the journey

Sean Penn takes the lead in Hulu’s space drama The First. The series follows the life of a man preparing to command the first human expedition to Mars. Within the first 10 minutes of the series, the audience watches as a hopeful spaceship explodes moments after launching. After the failed launch, Sean Penn’s Tom Hagerty is brought back to command … read more

Binge and Repeat: Sabrina gets a dark makeover

The creators of Riverdale released their new series the Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix last week. The new series is very different from the Sabrina audiences might remember from the ’90s sitcom. While Sabrina is still a half witch living in Greendale with her quirky aunts and completely infatuated with Harvey Kinkle, the comparisons pretty much end there. This Sabrina … read more

Binge and Repeat: The monsters of adolescence

Nick Kroll’s animated series, Big Mouth, is about kids experiencing the pitfalls of puberty. However, just because the series is about kids, doesn’t necessarily mean its intended for them. While the show certainly provides some laughs, it does lean heavily on crude humor, inappropriate language and does feature animated genitalia. This isn’t exactly the type of animation that parents are … read more

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