Food: October alfredo

The leaves are turning, the mornings have a crisp bite and apple picking excursions are underway. So if you’re anything like me (a fall enthusiast), you’re ready for autumnal flavors. I love pumpkin; when I’m not drinking my pumpkin spice tea or baking pumpkin muffins, I’m probably thinking about whether or not I should go out and buy more pumpkin-flavored … read more

Food: Z is for zoodles

Ah, zucchini season, the time of year when we find our gardening friends leaving unneeded vegetable offerings in our mailboxes. While there are many ways to prepare a zucchini, as breads, dips, chips and so on, I prefer to make zoodles with it. Zoodles are incredibly easy to make, you just pop one in a spiralizer to get the spaghetti … read more

Food: Summer sips

Despite the recent deluge that’s been keeping the sun at bay, summer’s not over yet. Since it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, I decided to have a little fun with my blender. Whether you’re mixing drinks for a party or just having a relaxing night with friends (let’s be real, who wants to deal with the mad dash to the bar and … read more

Food: Lemony delights

Lemon is one of the more popular summer-time flavors. It pops up in our drinks, is zested on our tarts and gives us brainfreeze as a sorbet. Of course, lemons rid us of our pocket change while the neighborhood kids try their hands at becoming Warren Buffett with their lemonade stands. Since it’s June and I’m trying to spend as … read more

Food: Beginning to barbecue

It’s grilling season, folks! The beautiful time of year when the sun hangs around longer, the weather is actually warm and there’s probably a mosquito or two lurking around the patio. However, not everyone has perfected their barbecue technique; some have yet to even consider the pretty basic world of marinating. Adding a marinade to your meat before firing up … read more

Conscious Cook: Eating joyfully in June

“Spring being a tough act to follow, God created June.” — Al Bernstein June is a month filled with joyous celebrations and fabulous food. Whether you are honoring your father figure with a delectable barbecue, congratulating your graduate with a gourmet gathering, or joining your heart with another to say “I do,” June is truly joyful. June also celebrates National … read more

Food: The cupcake quest

Every person in this life has a mission or a quest or even an errand they’re trying to complete. My mission began after experiencing a truly awful chocolate cupcake from the grocery store. I had been horrified that someone could not only screw up a cupcake in that way (it tasted like burnt sand) but that they had the audacity … read more

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