Tribeca Film Festival review: Thumper

Like a dog chasing its tail, there’s no end to the drug-fueled cycle director Jordan Ross presents in his feature film debut Thumper. No matter what side — cops or criminals, the outcome remains equally bleak in this tale of crippling poverty and meaningless violence. The crime thriller premiered in the Spotlight Narrative category at the Tribeca Film Festival last … read more

Tribeca Film Festival review: Dabka

A stranger in a strange land and an unconventional buddy cop movie — these are two fictional devices that Bryan Buckley’s film, Dabka, thrive on. Under both genres, it could be argued the film — one of 15 films to compete in the Spotlight Narrative category at the Tribeca Film Festival — is the most digestible, easy-to-watch entry into the … read more

Tribeca Film Festival review: Tilt

For anyone that’s had to experience it for an extended period, unemployment is like watching a horror film play out in real time. Except you’re the main character and, instead of a villain in a hockey mask, the terrifying conclusion keeps getting delayed until the next paycheck finally arrives. Throw in a baby on the way, and the stress might … read more

Tribeca Film Festival review: The Exception

“What else is there?” purrs Dutch housemaid Mieke to German-soldier-turned-lover Stefan Brandt when asked about why she follows orders. It’s a moment that happens around the halfway mark of director David Leveaux’ film, The Exception, just before doe-eyed Mieke (Lily James of Downton Abbey) reveals herself to be Jewish. It’s the type of honesty that could get some killed in … read more

Tribeca Film Festival review: Reservoir Dogs 25th anniversary

Something as iconically brutal as Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs is bound to have its share of detractors, but who knew horror genius Wes Craven was one of them. Tarantino revealed that fact to a crowd at the Tribeca Film Festival Friday night after the 25th anniversary screening of his first feature film in its original 35mm print. According to the … read more

Tribeca Film Festival recap: Thumper, Mike and the Mad Dog, and Chuck — and plenty more

Ridgefield Press Editor Steve Coulter journeyed to New York City this past weekend to take part in this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. Over a three-day span, Coulter was able to see eight films and one documentary, while also attending the retrospective screening of Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs Friday night. Here are brief reviews of what he saw: The Exception Starring … read more

TV Movie Menu: Warm up with The Banger Sisters

As we wait for warmer weather, look to the movies to heat things up this weekend. Take a look at what’s available on broadcast and cable television stations. Enjoy the show!   Friday, March 31 The Banger Sisters (2002) Goldie Hawn and Susan Sarandon have a lot of fun as old friends who return to the good old days they … read more

TV Movie Menu: some classics coming up

Goodfellas is on television this weekend.

What’s on at the movies? Check out the films on broadcast and standard cable stations this weekend. Pop some corn and enjoy the flicks!   Friday, March 24 Forrest Gump Tom Hanks won his second Best Actor Oscar in a row for a performance of originality, depth and charm. Yes, life is like a box of chocolates. 4 p.m., AMC … read more

TV Movie Menu: Weekend suggestions

What’s showing on broadcast and cable television this weekend? The Reel Dad checks out some classics that may deserve a fresh look – from the comfort of home.   Friday, March 17 Gladiator (2000) Russell Crowe was named Best Actor (one year after he should have won for The Insider) in Ridley Scott’s epic that revisits the classics Spartacus and … read more

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