Reel Dad: Picking the Oscar winners

What a year we experienced in 2017. On and off the screen. In a world challenged by truth, anger and relationships, we absorbed a collection of films that reflect what can fill the heart with hope, ground the soul in reality, and inspire people to believe the best may still occur. And many of the best movies are nominated for … read more

The Children’s Hour opens tonight at RHS

The Children’s Hour, a drama as relevant today as when it was first performed in 1934, opens tonight — Thursday, Nov. 9 — at Ridgefield High School at 7:30 in the Anne S. Richardson Auditorium. Additional performances are scheduled for this weekend and next. At the core of Lillian Hellman’s drama is Mary Tilford, a troubled teen who does not … read more

Movie Menu: The China Syndrome, American Graffiti, Jurassic Park and more

Looking for a movie to enjoy this weekend? Check out what’s showing on broadcast and cable television. Friday November 3 Maid in Manhattan (2002) Jennifer Lopez delights as a young woman determined to improve her life. Little does she know the answer stands in front of her. 9 pm Bravo   The China Syndrome (1978) Jane Fonda shines as an … read more

Reel Dad: Meyerowitz Stories examines parental relationships

  We experience, as adults, the realities of watching parents age. We observe changes in how they behave, reductions in what they can do, adjustments in how they live. We share their joys in remembering the past, their disappointments in what they missed. And we support their routines as we recognize that we continue to age, too. Noah Baumbach’s The … read more

Curtain Call: Goodspeed’s Rags ripped apart then tailored to a tight fit

Goodspeed Opera House, East Haddam: The year is 1910 and a ship full of immigrants is making its way to New York Harbor. Those onboard are excited and singing “We’ve talked about America; we’ve dreamed about coming to America,” and now here they are. In a beautifully rendered musical counterpoint, well dressed capitalist are bemoaning “Another ship of greenhorns.” These … read more

Movie Menu: Psycho, Poltergeist, The Shining, Carrie and more

Poltergeist is a good family horror film.

As we approach Halloween, check out movies that celebrate the spirit of this celebration. Take a look at what’s playing this weekend on broadcast and cable television. Friday, October 27 The Addams Family (1991) Anjelica Huston and Raul Julia have a great time as eccentric parents who love to frighten anyone who invades their sanctuary of scream in this adaptation … read more

Reel Dad: The Florida Project reveals how lives matter

We see people walk down streets without knowing their lives. We watch them shop and eat, chat and wander without realizing what challenges they confront, what fears they face. And we assume their lives are in order because we live ordered lives. The stunning new film The Florida Project — a popular entry in this year’s New York Film Festival … read more

On Stage: Opening, continuing and future

OPENING The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, Thurs., Oct. 26 – Nov. 12, The Dressing Room Theater, 1349 Newfield Ave., Stamford. Directed by Gordon Casagrande of Ridgefield and features Scott Ferrara and Tom Petrone of Wilton and Peter Barbieri Jr. of Fairfield. Tickets $32. Info: Young Frankenstein, Mel Brooks’ musical comedy, Oct. 27-Nov. 11, Wilton Playshop, Lovers Lane theater, … read more

Reel Dad: Wonderstruck captivates the heart with its magic

  5 Popcorn Buckets Of the films showcased at this year’s New York Film Festival, few reach the heart with the magic of Todd Haynes’ Wonderstruck. This meaningful look at two children searching for truth captivates from its opening frame until, two hours later, we don’t want to let go. Like any Haynes film, Wonderstruck uses the visual language of … read more

Movie Menu: Hocus Pocus, Addams Family Values, The Help, Wuthering Heights and more

Looking for a movie to watch this weekend? Take a look at what you can enjoy without leaving home. Here’s what will be playing on broadcast and cable television. Friday October 20 Addams Family Values (1993) Anjelica Huston and Raul Julia return to the mysterious world of a somewhat sinister family in this follow up to the original movie hit. … read more

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