Test Drive: 2018 Tiguan has a distinctly European feel

Taking delivery of Volkswagen’s much-improved Tiguan compact sport-utility vehicle was bittersweet, coming as it did the same week VW announced it would halt production of its iconic Beetle. But it had to happen. Many automakers are rushing to build the best possible SUVs and turning their backs on the first four letters of their collective identity — the auto. Perhaps … read more

Test Drive: Toyota C-HR trims space to compete with smaller SUVs

In its never-ending quest to right-size the great American sport-utility vehicle for every possible preference, Toyota has gone small with the C-HR. This stylish little SUV, which joins the Yaris iA in Toyota’s roster of rebadged Scions, is faintly reminiscent of the retired Toyota Matrix and its sister model, the Pontiac Vibe. Neither was as fun to drive as the … read more

Test Drive: Outlander Sport trails behind leading crossovers

Go figure. Most reviewers agree the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport trails the subcompact-crossover herd in almost every category that matters. Meanwhile, the Sport’s year-to-date sales figures in North America, as of May 31, totaled 19,035 units sold, compared with 12,361 during the same period in 2017. Some American drivers must actually favor the Outlander over its major competitors — which include … read more

Test Drive: The 2018 Camry impresses post redesign

Are automakers still building midsize sedans? Are they still trying to squeeze every possible mile out of a thimbleful of gasoline? Are the cars roomy and comfortable, with superior road manners? The answer is yes, at least if the automaker you’re talking about is Toyota. We test-drove a Toyota Camry hybrid sedan just two years ago, and scored another one … read more