Did I Say That? Internet alters way we do business and waste time

Years ago, so many years I don’t want to remember how many, the Big Boss Man at the paper where I was editor strolled into the newsroom, pulled me aside and whispered, “I have GREAT NEWS! There’s this new thing called the Internet that’s going to change the way we do business!” At the time, he didn’t realize exactly how … read more

Did I Say That? Microchip implant: Would you take a shot or not?

Thirty years ago, back when we trusted our government, the media, our healthcare system, our legal system, our elected officials and Ronald McDonald, I met a man with a frightening vision of America’s future. He was the type of fellow who had conspiracy theories about everything from the Kennedy assassination to the secret ingredients in Kentucky Fried Chicken. He also … read more

Did I Say That? One man’s junk is another’s exercise of free expression

There are two types of homeowners — those who are meticulous about their yards and have scrupulously pruned shrubbery and well manicured lawns with statues of Venus de Milo bathing nude at bird fountains. Then, there are those whose outdoor sculpture generally consists of four or five cars in the driveway and on the lawn, one of which is a … read more

Did I Say That? Going wild animals getting our goat

Did you hear about the gang of Billy goats that went on a rampage and broke into a Colorado business, terrorizing the place like crazed vandals … and then vanishing into the night. Is there no civility in the animal kingdom? It’s getting like the WWE. Why would anyone — animal, vegetable or mineral — do something like that? When … read more

Did I Say That? Young people face age-old question

At this time of year, college graduates are either going off into the wild blue yonder … or stranded on the runway because they can’t find jobs. The hopes and dreams and plans and schemes of the younger generation eventually collide with what’s known as “the real world.”   Nevertheless, hope springs eternal and there are countless young people in … read more

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