Curtain Call: The Phoenix decks the stage with laughter

The Phoenix Stage Company, Oakville: Ed Bassett is ready to present Dickens’ holiday classic, when Rob Richnavsky refuses to do that show again. He’s had it with the tradition and agrees to perform A Christmas Carol, only if Bassett allows Richnavsky and Ian Diedrich to do more up-to-date holiday shows. That’s when the fun begins and the super talented trio … read more

Curtain Call: A ‘suite’ surprise in Brookfield farce

The egos of two highly competitive divas make it impossible for Mr. Dunlap, the hotel manager, to control a situation that quickly spirals into a wild and wickedly funny chaos in Michael McKeever’s “Suite Surrender.” Claudia McFadden demands top billing in a USO fund-raiser for WWII military. She also insists that white roses fill her hotel suite. Most importantly, she … read more

Curtain Call: The God Game or a political prayer for agnostics

Square One Theatre Company, Stratford: With politics and midterm elections in the spotlight, it’s not surprising that artistic director Tom Holehan chose Suzanne Bradbeer’s The God Game for the November slot of his 29th season. You certainly couldn’t ask for a more timely production. Since every aspect of a politician’s life is analyzed and scrutinized these days, the choices they … read more

Curtain Call: The Roommate or what’s dormant comes alive

Long Wharf, New Haven: Sharon has retired from marriage (divorced) and now needs a roommate to help fill the emptiness she feels in her large Iowa home. She’s 50-something and she wants a roommate about the same age. Robyn arrives from the Big Apple and though the ages are similar, they exemplify total misfits. Sharon has been a longtime wife … read more

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