Binge and Repeat: ‘The Widow’ falls flat

Making her television debut, Kate Beckinsale stars in Amazon’s series, “The Widow.” She plays Georgia Wells, the titular widow, who sees an image of her husband in a news clip three years after he supposedly died in a plane crash in the Congo. After glimpsing a man she believes is her husband, Georgia hops the next plane to the Congo … read more

Novel Approach: Finding the sun after the storm

“For me, reading was always the great escape without getting my fingers burnt.” — Geri Halliwell Looking to escape the dreary gray weather? Dana Reinhardt transports the reader to a beachside paradise in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. “Tomorrow There Will Be Sun” by Dana Reinhardt When two families head south of the border to hold a joint 50th birthday celebration, things … read more

Kneads & Cravings: Easter baskets full of fun

With Easter creeping up, I thought it would be fun to try making something a little more kid-friendly and by kid-friendly, I mean cookie dough. Cookie dough is one of the glorious and mildly- forbidden flavors of childhood, but really what is life without a little risk? While I’m willing to brave a stomachache from eating cookie dough, I didn’t … read more

Reel Dad: ‘The Mustang’ delivers meaningful message

Early spring is an odd season for the movies. As soon as the Academy Awards are presented, some studios slow down their releases while others showcase films originally intended for awards consideration, while audiences wait for the blockbuster summer season. That makes this time of year an ideal time to discover small, independent films that might otherwise get lost in … read more

Curtain Call: Jeeves & Wooster turn ‘Perfect Nonsense’ into slapstick magic

Hartford Stage, Hartford: “Perfect Nonsense” has more than a fair share of the wow factor. When the Goodale Brothers decided to write a new play from the works of P.G. Wodehouse, an English humor writer and creator of Jeeves, a gentleman’s valet, they not only kept the integrity of Wodehouse, but turned his humorous style and language into hilarious comedy. … read more

Binge and Repeat: ‘The OA’ returns with a twist

Netflix recently gifted viewers with a second season of “The OA,” more than two years after it originally aired. Fans of “The OA” must be rejoicing to learn what happened after the abrupt and disjointed finale at the end of season one. A quick recap of season one; Prairie Johnson returns home seven years after her disappearance, but the circumstances … read more

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