'I'm not a cat', the hilarious video of a lawyer who could not remove the zoom filter

Things didn't exactly go perfectly on the video call from Texas attorney Rod Ponton, but the resulting viral video has caught everyone's attention.

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Rod Ponton placed a call on Zoom in which he called a session for the 394th Brewster County Judicial Court. However, his disembodied voice was personified by the avatar of a grayish-white kitten with expressive eyes. Ponton was audibly perplexed and insisted that he could see and hear all other people.

The video that lasts less than a minute, bears witness to the desperation to remove the "michi" from the screen, which inadvertently made him say: "I'm live, I'm not a cat" because of the filter.

Of course, in the middle of the political debate, attorney Rod Ponton inadvertently gave the world a bit of legal levity and a few laughs.

The lawyer tried several times, unsuccessfully, to remove the filter from the cute kitten. The result? Well, the main thing was not whether or not he won the case, but the video went viral on social networks. To the surprise of many, the prosecutor in the case took it with humor and said he was happy that people were laughing so much.

Why did it happen?

The experts indicated that the error was the consequence of logging in through his assistant's computer, which was a relatively primitive software model from the early 21st century, which was already pre-installed on Dell laptops.

'I'm not a cat', the hilarious video of a lawyer who could not remove the zoom filter
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