A couple tries to spice up their relationship by opening up their marriage after 20 years and agreeing to sleep with other people in Netflix’s series Wanderlust.

Toni Collette stars as Joy, a therapist who finds her marriage lacking. After Joy and Alan (played by Steven Macintosh) admit to cheating on each other, they decide that sleeping with other people would be the best way to save their marriage. They go on to inform their respective partners of the arrangement they’ve made together and find that by sleeping with other people, it improves their relationship.

Unfortunately, adding more people to their relationship isn’t the quick fix that Joy and Alan hoped for. If anything, it adds complications to both their personal and professional lives. Alan finds himself struggling with how he feels after realizing he’s fallen in love with his colleague Claire during their trysts. Joy, on the other hand, finds that her clients have heard rumors about how she and Alan are experimenting with their marriage.

As the series unravels, Joy is forced to face underlying issues in her life as Alan tries to untangle his feelings for Joy and Claire.

Collette provides viewers with a dynamic experience as she deftly navigates the darker corners of her character.

Wanderlust is available with six hour-long episodes on Netflix. The show is rated TV-MA. Fans of Wanderlust might also enjoy Netflix’s Gypsy, a series about a therapist living a double life.