Humans by nature are curious. Generally society as a whole doesn’t take well to large hovering questions. Leila’s curiosity is what drives the plot of Kiss Me First, a Netflix series based on Lottie Moggach’s novel.

After Leila’s mother dies she spends more and more her time playing in the virtual world of Azana. While playing the game she stumbles across a group of other players who call themselves Red Pill, who don’t actually play in the game, they just gather there. Things begin to get stranger when Tess, one of the members of Red Pill, finds Leila in person and they form a clunky friendship. Leila doesn’t trust Adrian, the leader of Red Pill, and thinks he’s tied about the death of another Red Pill member. As Leila tries to unravel Adrian’s plot she finds herself as the scapegoat for his murders. Leila seeks help to become a hacker to try and save her gamer friends from Adrian’s sinister plans.

The series heavily relies on CGI as roughly half the series takes place in the video game. The plot is a bit bumpy and leaves the viewers with questions about the timeline and how a videogame can be used to kill people. The series fails to satisfy the audience’s curiosity as Leila spits out information about Adrian and his motivations for the murders in the last 10 minutes of the finale in a manner that feels all too rushed and not entirely thought out. The season ends with an entire yarn ball of loose strings, leaving the plot lines open for a potential second season.

Kiss Me First has six episodes available on Netflix. The series is rated TV-MA for language and nudity. Viewers might also enjoy Stranger Things, a series about a group of kids in middle-America who befriend a girl with telekinetic powers.