If you need more Jason Momoa in your life after watching Aquaman, head over to Netflix and watch Momoa trade his fins for furs as the rugged trapper Declan Harp in Frontier, a wild west drama played out in the frozen north.

Canada in the 1700s is a harsh and frosty environment, and it sets the stage for the vicious vengeance Harp seeks against Lord Benton, a prominent member of the Hudson Bay Company (HBC), and the man who murdered Harp’s family.

The fur trade is a rough business; the men fight, steal and kill with each other as independent companies try to make a name for themselves and make some sort of profit in the shadow of the HBC’s monopoly in the Fort James region.

Harp engages with fur traders in Montreal to help him destroy the HBC and Benton by trying to create exclusive trade agreements with a group of Native Americans called the Lake Walkers. Harp isn’t the only person plotting against the HBC. A clever bar owner schemes with a overly aggressive soldier to remove Benton from his governorship so they can take over and launch their own trade, without worrying about the power of the HBC.

While there are plenty of unsavory characters in the series, the real villain in this series is the unquenchable greed that results in the deaths of plenty of fur traders. Some of the businessmen are more than willing to shed some blood to turn a profit in the fur trade.

Momoa captivates as the clever and brooding Harp, as he evades capture from Benton’s men and manages to craft tricky trade agreements.

Three seasons of Frontier are available on Netflix. The series is rated TV-MA. For another revenge fueled series audiences may enjoy Hulu’s Harlots, a drama about rival London brothels.