Boucher: Hartford situation is a warning for the state

For several months, I added my voice to the calls by business leaders, economists, and national publications who warned Connecticut that it is dangerously close to mirroring the situations in New Jersey, Illinois, and Puerto Rico. Perhaps now that the specter of bankruptcy shadows the state’s own backyard, the Governor and legislative leaders will wake up to Connecticut’s fiscal reality. … read more

GOP Viewpoint: Let’s finally get serious

For months, you have heard me sound the alarm about the financial crisis in Connecticut.  Runaway spending and continuous proposals for newer and higher taxes have led the state to see a substantial reduction in revenue collections and the fourth bonding downgrade in a year. As the seriousness of the situation settles over the state Capitol, four budget proposals were … read more

Boucher: Fourth downgrade in a year shows Connecticut must change course

Last week, Fitch Ratings downgraded the state’s bond rating, telling the world that investing in Connecticut’s bond is a risky proposition. This means a higher interest rate on future borrowing, which will cost taxpayers more to build schools, repair state-owned buildings, and fund other state-sponsored projects. Despite the Administration’s assertions that legislative objections to the latest proposed budget cuts caused … read more

GOP Viewpoint: What Connecticut taxes need

I recently attended a Chamber of Commerce event where noted economist Don Klepper-Smith said Connecticut state government must make profound structural changes to spending and regulations to avoid a fiscal catastrophe. He presented compelling evidence to support the need for change, including: Connecticut is last among New England states in job recovery and has only recovered 74% of the jobs … read more

Toni Boucher: Say 'No' to tolls

On Monday, Feb. 27, the legislature’s Transportation Committee will conduct a public hearing on bills proposing tolls and congestion pricing on Connecticut highways. You may know that I have been a longtime opponent of tolls. The main reason I oppose them is because tolls are just another tax on Connecticut drivers and they are taxed enough already. The legislators who … read more

Senator Boucher announces plan to restore education funding

State Senator Toni Boucher (R-26) announced Tuesday, Feb. 7, that legislators have a plan to restore nearly $20 million in education money that Governor Dannel Malloy cut midyear from funding promised to municipalities. The proposal also eliminates the projected budget deficit for the current fiscal year. “When we passed the state budget, we made a promise to each community that … read more

Letter: Small towns can’t bail out bankrupt cities

To the Editor: During his State of the State speech and at other recent appearances, Gov. Malloy has talked about the need to take actions to prevent Connecticut’s largest municipalities from entering into bankruptcy. While I agree that no one wants to see these cities take such drastic actions, I cannot agree with the administration’s approach saying that smaller communities … read more

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