GOP Viewpoint: Is Connecticut at a tipping point?

Taxes are a necessary evil. They are the cost of running our government. However, raising taxes too much ultimately reduces the total value received. Many economists believe the paradox that the more you tax, after a certain point, the less total revenue you collect thus reaching a tipping point. Legislators should consider “How many taxes are too many; have we … read more

GOP Viewpoint: Road worries … again

A road crew from the town highway department was out on East Ridge filling potholes with cold patch on Monday. From left are Robert Sommerer, Jim Fortin and Evo Falcinelli. —Macklin Reid photo

Gov. Malloy’s Transportation Commissioner James Redeker took his Chicken Little routine on the road and in each community, he proclaimed that the Special Transportation Fund sky is falling and only tolls and tax increases can save us. He set the stage for Redeker’s appearances when he announced the indefinite suspension of nearly 400 repair and improvement projects. It appears he … read more

Boucher: Tolls would be taxing on Connecticut drivers

I must respectfully disagree with opinion writer Michael Daly’s piece advocating tolls as the answer to Connecticut’s transportation funding problems. (Get with it Connecticut, it’s time for tolls). It is true that the horrific crash in 1983 soured Connecticut on tolls, but that is not why I have, and will continue to oppose the placement of tolls on our highways. … read more

Boucher: Vote means historic shift toward bipartisan cooperation

In historic votes last week, fiscally conservative Democrats joined their Republican colleagues to approve a state budget bill that cuts spending and does not increase taxes. This was a much needed victory for our state and its taxpayers. Personally, seeing this shift started by three Democrats in the Senate was incredibly gratifying. My colleagues and I have worked so hard, … read more

Boucher: A Republican vision for a better Connecticut

At a time of uncertainty and upheaval, I find myself reflecting on some of the positive, proactive steps taken by our party since my arrival in the senate in 2009. At that time, Connecticut, like other states, was facing the worst economic crisis since the great Depression. We had a new leader at the top of our state, a super majority party in the … read more

Sen. Boucher calls for public awareness of the state’s opioid crisis

On International Overdose Awareness Day, State Senator Toni Boucher (R-26) called for awareness of the challenges faced by addicts and their families as state officials and the medical community seek solutions to the state’s opioid crisis. She will attend the Helping Each Other Heal vigil and remembrance ceremony tonight in New Canaan’s Pop-Up Park. “On Monday, the Office of the Chief Medical … read more

Boucher: Why is there no budget? One party controls the process and the votes

Turn on the news or read a newspaper opinion page and you are likely to see residents and writers urge the “legislature” to do its job and pass a state budget. They’re right. Our state desperately needs a budget. However, the whole legislature didn’t fail to pass a budget. One party, the Democrat majority party failed. Connecticut Republicans proposed multiple … read more

Sen. Toni Boucher on Charlottesville violence: It has shaken me to the core

The events in Charlottesville over the weekend both saddened and angered me. It has been difficult to process those violent images. My aunt and grandparents and two first cousins were left behind in Italy on our farm during the second World War.  The German soldiers came through and devastated the farm. They terrorized my family, killed their livestock, and destroyed … read more

GOP Viewpoint: Republican budget is a new direction

In a recent column about the state budget, I noted that Republicans have proven they are ready to lead the state in a new direction. During the legislative session, we proposed three no-tax-increase budgets that reduced state spending and made important changes to the way municipalities and education are funded by the state. Unfortunately, Democrat leaders in the legislature have … read more

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