Ridgefield cyclist sets new goal for charitable ride

Ciarán Carruthers rides again. The Ridgefield resident and avid mountain biker is trying to raise $15,000 to support World TEAM Sports (WTS), a non-profit organization which helps wounded veterans and the disabled find purpose through team-oriented outdoor sports. Carruthers fund-raising efforts are supported by his longtime friend, Ridgefield Police Dispatcher Bill Browning. “You don’t have to be a vet,” Carruthers … read more

Ridgefield SAT scores exceed state average

Ridgefield High students scored significantly higher than the state average on both sections of the SAT. Ridgefield students averaged a collective Math score of 600 out of a possible 800 points, and a collective English Language Arts (ELA) score of 613 out of a possible 800 points. With those sections combined, Ridgefield students scored an average of 1213 out of … read more

Red Rooster Pub to open in former Toscana location

Red Rooster Pub will open in the former Toscana Ristorante location at 43 Danbury Road this fall. Construction crews were inside the restaurant renovating the space Monday, Aug. 14, and told The Press that news about the restaurant’s official opening date would be coming “in a month.” An employee at the Red Rooster Pub in Newtown confirmed that the restaurant … read more

Ridgefield Winter Club: Zoning battle looms, owner aims to keep piece of Pinchbeck’s history

Ponds don’t freeze the way they did 40 years ago. At least that’s Bud Brown’s assessment. “I remember them freezing solid enough to skate on safely … there were no parents or guardrails, you were very free,” Brown told The Press this week. The 15-year Ridgefield resident is pushing to build a private winter sports club at the site of … read more

Composting start-up expands

For a business that profits from producing dirt, Curbside Compost runs a clean operation. The start-up, founded in 2016 by Ridgefield residents Nick and Erica Skeadas, promotes greener living by offering customers a way to compost food scraps without the mess. Subscribers to the service each receive a small cylindrical “pail” for the disposal of organic waste like potato peels, … read more

Ridgebury tower still waiting for Verizon

by Peter Yankowski Press Staff Ridgefield residents who rely on Verizon may have to wait a while longer for service around Ridgefield High School. Despite petitions online — and a Verizon Customer Service number published in The Press last year, on which a Verizon representative claimed residents could call to pressure the company to improve service — Verizon service in … read more

Police plan to replace missing stop sign at Peaceable Hill intersection

The intersection of Peaceable Hill Road and Remington Road has been without a stop sign for the past two years. “First, I thought it was strange that it was missing for so long,” Larry Dodd wrote in an email to The Press last week. Dodd rides his bicycle through the intersection regularly, and said the sign probably came down in … read more

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