Secure voting for one and all is Merrill’s avowed goal

Safeguarding the integrity of Americans’ most precious possession — the right to vote in free and fair elections — was the running theme when Connecticut Secretary of the State Denise Merrill spoke to the Ridgefield League of Women’s Voters. The right to vote has changed over the years, the decades, the nation’s nearly two and half centuries of independence — … read more

Embrace compassion

Concerned and committed people from varied walks of Ridgefield life — religious folks, educators, sports coaches, town officials and politicians, moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas and young people looking toward tomorrow— will be gathering Sunday to begin an ambitious and noble project. They want to make Ridgefield a more compassionate town. They want Ridgefield to join with other communities, and goodhearted … read more

Town accepts $37.6 million sewer bid

Exceeding $37 million, a construction bid for the renovation of the District I wastewater treatment plant has been accepted by the town, and is being reviewed by state environmental officials. The low bidder among four, Spectraserve Inc. of South Kearney, N.J., submitted a bid of $37,667,693 for the plant renovation work. “The qualification review has been completed by our engineering … read more

Embracing compassion as the Ridgefield way

The blossoming of Ridgefield as a more compassionate community — a town where people strive to treat their fellow humans with understanding and respect, and contribute to goodness and peace in the world — is the goal of a gathering Sunday. And anyone interested is invited, for compassion moves in every human heart. “We may not be born saints, but … read more

Town as a brand? Selectmen like idea, ponder cost

Creating and publicizing a Ridgefield brand — telling the story of the town, and why it’s a place people want live and work — is a concept the selectmen all support. But committing $80,000 of taxpayer’s money to a digital initiative advancing the RIdgefield brand? Well, that’s a tougher sell. One selectman walked out on the board’s May 26 meeting, … read more

Todd-O-Palooza on Saturday honors a memory, helps kidney fund

The Todd-O-Palooza, a good time with music and food honoring the memory of the late Todd Allen and raising money for the American Kidney Fund, will take place Saturday, June 1, from 1 to 7 p.m. at the Moose Lodge in Danbury. “The American Kidney Fund,” said Matt Baldwin, one of the event organizers, “…is a great organization that offered … read more

Continue the deer hunt? Public hearing is June 5

Is deer hunting the slaughter of innocents? A time honored tradition connecting today’s suburbanites to more rugged forebears who struggled to tame the wilderness? A sensible response to the proliferation of tick-borne diseases from deer-borne ticks? All of the above? Ridgefielders will be invited to share their widely varying opinions on the town deer hunt at a public hearing called … read more

Downtown Ridgefield parking: Zoning commission to take another look June 4

Parking remains a concern in the village, and the Planning and Zoning Commission has agreed to take another look at its regulations. The commission will consider bringing back the concept that the type and size of businesses permitted in a commercial building — retail shops, offices, restaurants — should be limited by the amount of parking on the parcel the … read more

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