Road work: Paving potholes is on town’s repair list

A road crew from the town highway department was out on East Ridge filling potholes with cold patch on Monday. From left are Robert Sommerer, Jim Fortin and Evo Falcinelli. —Macklin Reid photo

Warm-weather paving season beckons like a stripe of smooth oily blacktop, and the Ridgefield Highway Department has a list of 14 roads it’s hoping to repair and repave this year. Ridgefield’s roads are traveled by commuters, shoppers, school buses and soccer parents — the quality of driving surfaces is important to people. “If I was to rank the number of … read more

Strikers still picketing Stop and Shop, store is mostly empty

“Stop and Shop is on strike. Your neighbors have been out of work for eight days. Honor our picket line,” said the voice on a bullhorn.  Striking workers marched with signs in front of Stop and Shop supermarket in Ridgefield’s Copps Hill Plaza earlier today — marking a week since the store was left closed for two-plus hours on April … read more

Ridgefield police close field fire investigation after town receives donations for fix (UPDATE)

UPDATE, 3:35 p.m. — The Ridgefield Police Department has closed its investigation into who started the field fire at Governor Park without revealing any names of who was responsible for pouring gasoline and lighting it in attempt to make the field playable for the Ridgefield High School baseball team. “The Ridgefield Police Department has closed its investigation into this incident due to … read more

Parking and pickleball: Kearns and Shofi reappointed to Parks and Recreation

Parking and pickleball dominated conversation when two members of the Parks and Recreation Commission, Phil Kearns and David Shofi, were reappointed by the Board of Selectmen. “I am going to bring up the ‘p-word’ — that’s parking,” said First Selectman Rudy Marconi said as the joint interview began. “We have had terrible parking problems,” he said. Marconi recalled attending an … read more

After 20 years, Ben Oko leaves the Conservation Commission

The winged wonders of the woods will still inspire and delight, but Ben Oko’s service as one of dame nature’s dedicated acolytes will not longer include long talk-filled meetings of the Ridgefield Conservation Commission. “I love to be outdoors. I love to see what’s happening. I love to commune with nature. I enjoy it,” said Ben Oko. After some two … read more

Accessibility commission chairman: Assessment is making slow progress

“There’s probably not a day goes by that I don’t talk to someone about accessibility,” First Selectman Rudy Marconi said. “This is a civil rights law,” Don Ciota said of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Ciota gave the Board of Selectmen a report on the town’s slow and steady progress toward a town-wide accessibility assessment, which consultants from the Institute … read more

Trucks, cameras, and repairs: $4.5 million capital budget goes to voters

Trucks and trees, servers and security cameras, computers, cardiac monitors, building repairs — with a modest $57,000 trim, a nearly $4.5 million capital spending budget was approved April 2 on a unanimous vote by the Board of Finance. Unlike the operating budgets that hit taxpayers next year, the capital spending is all financed with borrowing and repayment would be spread … read more

Flex days for staff work: Early dismissal preferred by staff and parents

It’ll be early dismissals, not later school starts, when the Ridgefield Public Schools have “flex days” for staff professional development — teacher training — over the next two years. Following a survey that found it was the preference of both parents and staff, Superintendent of Schools Dr. William Collins told the Board of Education’s April 8 meeting that he would … read more

Pickleballers propose player punch cards in morning pow-wow with Parks and Rec

The PO-ed pickleballers — price-oppressed pickleballers, that is — won a seeming concession from Parks and Recreation officials, but pressed their case with a counter offer. What the pickleballers have been battling is a planned four-year program of stepped increases in annual fees from $120 to $240 to $360 to $480. “We’ve decided now not to proceed further than $240,” … read more

Battle of Ridgefield will be remembered, but not re-enacted

The Battle of Ridgefield’s anniversary on April 27 will be celebrated — the Ridgefield Historical Society plans walking tours, there’s a talk on the battle at the Ridgefield Library, and the Graveyard Committee will set up self-guided cemetery tours of rebel and loyalist graves. But there won’t be a battle re-enactment, Revolutionary War era encampment, or a black-tie gala in … read more

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