Movie Menu: The Princess Diaries, The Martian, Friday Night Lights and more

With the Oscars a memory, we look to broadcast and cable stations to keep us in the movie spirit. Here’s what is showing this weekend. Friday, March 9 The Princess Diaries (2001) Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway make us celebrate the joys of royalty, teenagers and wise grandmothers in this popular comedy from director Garry Marshall. 8 p.m., NIK Saturday, … read more

Reel Dad: Picking the Oscar winners

What a year we experienced in 2017. On and off the screen. In a world challenged by truth, anger and relationships, we absorbed a collection of films that reflect what can fill the heart with hope, ground the soul in reality, and inspire people to believe the best may still occur. And many of the best movies are nominated for … read more

Reel Dad: Phantom Thread captivates with its emotional complexity

He designs his clothes with as much understanding of the women who wear what he creates as the materials he reaches for. While this renowned fashion designer thrives with ease in his professional life, he struggles to achieve the same success in his relationships. Only with his sister does he manage to sustain some type of connection. But that bond … read more

Reel Dad: Molly’s Game – Voice-over wears thin

Since movies started to talk about 90 years ago, filmmakers have relied on voice-over to share parts of a narrative that traditional dialogue doesn’t cover. Such commentaries can reveal what a character can’t otherwise say, such as William Holden in Sunset Boulevard, or provide a voice to a someone who can’t speak, such as Glenn Close in Reversal of Fortune. … read more

Reel Dad awards ‘The Schumies’

Yes, there are Oscars and Golden Globes, SAG “Actor” and critics’ honors. But there’s only one “Schumie” and, as the awards roll in for the movies of 2017, the Reel Dad honors the achievements of the movie year. Baked to Perfection: Get Out Never could we imagine that such an entertaining escape could deliver the year’s most relevant (and impactful) … read more

Reel Dad: Darkest Hour celebrates Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill is hot again. In the past year, he has been essential to the first season of The Crown on Netflix as well as the star of two feature films. While Churchill, released earlier this year, focuses on the British leader’s role in planning D-Day, the Oscar nominee Darkest Hour looks at an earlier point in World War II. … read more

Reel Dad: The Shape of Water creates movie magic

Movies take us places we may never visit, transport us to times we may not experience, and introduce us to people we may never encounter. Though most moving pictures rely on dialogue to reveal their narratives, film remains, essentially, a visual medium where images tell stories and faces define characters. Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water is as beautiful … read more

Reel Dad: Predicting the Oscar nominees

A year of turbulence in the world inspired memorable moments on screen, including creatures from other worlds, chills from this world and relationships essential to any world. Which ones will Oscar honor with Academy Award nominations? Here are my choices for the names we will hear on Tuesday, Jan. 23. Best Picture Greta Gerwig’s delightful exploration of the dynamics between … read more

Reel Dad: The Post is a must-see movie for 2018

We prepare for tomorrow by studying yesterday. What once happened can clue us to what may occur. The lessons of the past warn us about what will matter as we move forward. At this time in our country, when so many in power challenge the pursuit of truth, Steven Spielberg’s new film The Post offers an essential look at the … read more

Reel Dad: Star Wars: The Last Jedi — of course we love it

  By this moment in movie time, whether or not a Star Wars movie satisfies is beside the point. That it appears is what matters. That we can travel to a galaxy far, far away draws us to the theater regardless of the impact of the theatrics. That we can savor the memories of past episodes, and imagine where the … read more

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