Curtain Call: The Phoenix decks the stage with laughter

The Phoenix Stage Company, Oakville: Ed Bassett is ready to present Dickens’ holiday classic, when Rob Richnavsky refuses to do that show again. He’s had it with the tradition and agrees to perform A Christmas Carol, only if Bassett allows Richnavsky and Ian Diedrich to do more up-to-date holiday shows. That’s when the fun begins and the super talented trio … read more

Curtain Call: A ‘suite’ surprise in Brookfield farce

The egos of two highly competitive divas make it impossible for Mr. Dunlap, the hotel manager, to control a situation that quickly spirals into a wild and wickedly funny chaos in Michael McKeever’s “Suite Surrender.” Claudia McFadden demands top billing in a USO fund-raiser for WWII military. She also insists that white roses fill her hotel suite. Most importantly, she … read more

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