D. Crosby Baxter: The Little Acorn

Crosby Baxter was a jack of many trades, but the one he may have been least adept at has had the most lasting effect on Ridgefield. Exactly 142 years ago today, Baxter founded the town’s only newspaper. He admitted that he wasn’t very good at newspapering, but he knew Ridgefield needed a newspaper. So in the basement of his home … read more

About Town: 10 famous people

It’s the season of Top 10s. Who would you say are the 10 most famous people to have lived in Ridgefield? The answer to a question like that is very subjective, difficult to determine and always subject to debate and disagreement. However, here are 10 notable Ridgefielders — all now dead — who were widely known during their lifetimes and, … read more

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