GOP Viewpoint: Thank you for your service!

While we have all been focused on the end of our extended school year, the transition to summer and enjoying watching the FIFA World Cup, may we please suggest that now is the time to thank our elected public servants representing Ridgefield in Hartford.   While the media coverage is not what it should be, state Rep. John Frey and … read more

GOP Viewpoint: New chair

I blinked, and 30 years of politics is behind me now. Fitting then, that I should become the Republican Town Committee Chair with such varied political and community experience. I have had a different path than my predecessors; taking to politics out of necessity rather than want.  Many folks remember my years as an Advocate for people with differences and … read more

GOP Viewpoint: Let’s not honor a bigot

Unless town officials step up to leadership responsibilities soon, Ridgefield is in for major public embarrassment. Actually, it would be more than embarrassment. It would reek of cruel insensitivity because our town is on the verge of naming one of its buildings in honor of an ardent supporter of Adolf Hitler and his anti-Semitic bigotry. Hailed as the jewel of … read more

GOP Viewpoint: Phoenix rising

Okay, let’s get serious about the political hype and put aside the stories of Russian collusion and sexual harassment nonsense the Democrats are hoping will distract people from the hard facts of where our country’s economy is now and where it’s coming from. The one question asked by President Ronald Reagan in his 1980 debate with Jimmy Carter (and is … read more

Boucher: Emergency steps

The Connecticut State Capitol Building in Hartford.

Last week, Connecticut residents received two discouraging pieces of information. First, the state lost $2.6 billion in revenue during 2015 as high-earning individuals left Connecticut. Second, the Special Transportation Fund used to maintain and improve the state’s aging highways and rail lines is broke. The two are not entirely unrelated. For years, the legislature siphoned money from the Special Transportation … read more

GOP Viewpoint: Our drug problem

The following excerpts from a recent article by Betsy McCaughey, a former lieutenant governor of New York, highlight a serious problem around the country, but which we also have in Ridgefield. They are worthy of consideration. The heroin and pain pill epidemic causes a staggering 52,000 overdose deaths a year. … To save lives and get better results for the … read more