Democratic View: I hear you

Since announcing my candidacy for 111th District state representative, I have continuously expressed my desire to speak with you at meetings, on your doorsteps, at events, and by telephone. I told you I would listen. I have listened. I won’t stop. You told me your concerns. And boy, do you have concerns — serious, well-informed concerns. Here’s some of what … read more

Democratic View: Boucher fails the environment

Toni Boucher, Republican state senator representing CT’s 26th district, which includes Ridgefield, earned a failing grade on her environmental scorecard from the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters (CTLCV) in 2017. While she may have some appreciable past accomplishments, Sen. Boucher’s recent voting record does not reflect the interests and commonsense values of her constituents. Boucher’s least defensible environmental vote is … read more

Democratic View: King’s six principles

On Wednesday, April 4, 2018, the 50th anniversary of the assassination of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., I was privileged to participate in a Kingian nonviolence training session at the Jesse Lee United Methodist Church carriage house with about thirty Ridgefield residents and area clergy. The session was conducted by Victoria Christgau, founder and executive director of the Connecticut … read more

Democratic View: Building on strength

The Ridgefield Democratic Town Committee (“DTC”) is beginning a new chapter and invites all Ridgefield residents to join our efforts. Over the last two decades, Democrats have steadily increased our success in Ridgefield, most recently in sweeping local election victories last fall. Building on the strong foundations erected in years past, the DTC has welcomed new members and volunteers, and … read more

Democratic View: Good government

Ours is a republican form of government. We elect individuals to lead and represent, to identify, study and respond to opportunities and threats, to make judgments in the public interest. We do not demand that officials follow the daily whims of public opinion. Rather, we expect them to employ sound reasoning and the special access to information and expertise accorded … read more

Democratic View: Tolls

As the state legislature gathers this month to debate the state budget, reinstalling tolls on highways and state routes should be among the long-term options considered. Connecticut has held out for too long against highway tolls. The state roads are among the most heavily traveled in the nation. Yet Connecticut for years has resisted following the lead of states from … read more

Democratic View: Enough! (Part II)

This concludes a two-part essay; see the first installment in the Jan. 18 edition of The Ridgefield Press or at Two features of the new federal tax law (“TCJA”) — passed without a single Democratic vote — are designed to hurt states like Connecticut, and especially towns like Ridgefield. (We outlined the reasons in Part I.) Reduced limits on … read more