Democratic View: A public option for Connecticut

I saw an ad on Facebook last week that stunned me. “Connecticut’s private health insurance options are working just fine,” it boasted. According to whom? Certainly not the small business owners I’ve met who tell me that healthcare coverage consumes an ever-greater portion of their budget. Not the senior citizens who struggle to afford their increasingly expensive prescription medication. I’m … read more

Democratic View: Fiscal sanity and infrastructure

There is broad expert, public, and political consensus that Connecticut’s transportation infrastructure is deteriorating at an alarming rate and requires urgent, substantial modernization to ensure that everyone who uses our roads or rides our rails is safe. Connecticut has more than 300 bridges that are structurally deficient, and nearly a third were built before 1950. On the Metro-North Railroad’s New … read more

Democratic View: Reminder: Warranted mistrust

In December this column warned, “As Gov.-elect Lamont initiates programs to accelerate repair of Connecticut finances and economy, view Republican criticisms with the extreme mistrust they warrant.” Connecticut Republicans continue to deceive, subverting public discourse about problems and solutions into crude efforts to generate fear, instill cynicism, and misinform. Gov. Malloy was the first governor in decades to reduce state … read more

Democratic View: Opposition and inquiry

Reactions to State Sen. President Pro Tempore Martin Looney’s bill to require towns with fewer than 40,000 residents to regionalize schools are loud, negative, and justified. Looney’s and similarly misguided bills are blunt bowie knives for delicate concerns that require laser scalpel. Ridgefield Democrats oppose all efforts to force schools to combine. Legislators across Connecticut, including Ridgefield’s Sen. Will Haskell … read more

Democratic View: What’s he hiding?

On Friday, Jan. 25, 2019, mere hours after longtime Trump adviser and confidante Roger Stone was arrested and indicted on multiple federal charges, the Republican National Committee (RNC), convening for its annual winter meetings in New Mexico, unanimously pledged the party’s “undivided support” to Trump as the party’s presidential candidate in 2020. The vote was a preemptive strike to block … read more

Democratic View: Support victims of violence

Connecticut has numerous statutes related to domestic violence and sexual assault, in order to keep victims safe and hold offenders accountable. With the new legislative session underway, the Ridgefield Democratic Town Committee supports strengthening statutes and administrative policy that assist domestic violence and sexual assault survivors to have safe, stable lives. The changes supported here are also supported by the … read more

Democratic View: Resolve now to participate in our local democracy

January is one of the toughest months of the year — and not just because the weather can be cold, gray and treacherous. What makes it tough are the resolutions. “Spend more time with family.” “Cut back on calories.” “Finish the bathroom renovation.” Fortunately, you can make resolutions anytime. Many people who helped with the recent election told me their … read more

Democratic View: Happy holidays

For this last column of the year, Ridgefield Democrats offer our hopes that all Ridgefield residents enjoy a safe, happy and fulfilling holiday season. To those who celebrated Hanukkah earlier this month, we hope you and yours enjoyed a warm, happy and restorative Festival of Lights. To those celebrating Christmas, we wish you a very Merry Christmas filled with all … read more

Democratic View: All American holiday

Although special days of thanksgiving have been common in most religions and cultures for millennia, Thanksgiving in the United States is a uniquely unifying American tradition. Prior to the American Revolution, days of thanksgiving were primarily proclaimed by New England church leaders in response to local or regional abundance. President George Washington designated Nov. 26, 1789, as the first national … read more

Democratic View: Thank you

Tuesday was an historic election and Ridgefield Democrats have much for which we are thankful. Our greatest thanks are to each voter, no matter party or votes cast, for voting. Turnout was high for a mid-term with unofficial tallies of over 12,000 ballots cast, including nearly 1,300 absentee ballots and almost 90 Election Day registrations. That level of participation is … read more

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