‘White Lines’ fills void for chaos-seeking audiences

For viewers looking to fill the chaotic void left by “Tiger King,” Netflix has served up a whole new series dedicated to some absolutely bizarre events in the beach paradise of Ibiza.

“White Lines” is a fictional crime drama, unlike the captivating “Tiger King,” and follows Zoe’s journey after her brother’s remains have been discovered in Spain 20 years after he disappeared. The series was created by “Money Heist’s” Alex Pina, but viewers hoping for a series with the electric charm of “Money Heist” will find themselves disappointed.

White Lines

Seasons: One

Episodes: 10

Episode length: 1 hour

Rating: TV-MA

Language: English and Spanish

Similar series: The Stranger

Zoe, who works as a librarian in Manchester, England, decides that she’s going to Ibiza to find out who murdered her brother, Axel. While going about her investigation, she tracks down Axel’s old friends and business partners who ran several clubs with him back in the day. At first that might not seem too crazy, however when you factor in Axel’s former friends include a drug dealing DJ, a spiritual guru and an elaborate sex party hostess the plotline begins to get a little murky. While in Ibiza, Zoe meets her brother’s former flame, Kika, whom he had a passionate on-and-off relationship with ... when he wasn’t sleeping with Kika’s mother. Kika happens to be the daughter of Ibiza’s most powerful family, the Calafats, who are involved with all legitimate and illicit businesses on the island.

While in Ibiza, Zoe also learns that Kika’s brother, Oriol, clashed with her brother back in the day, perhaps because Oriol was jealous of Axel’s affair with his mother. Yes, folks we’re talking Oedipal vibes here.

The deeper Zoe digs, she finds that her brother wasn’t the darling youth she remembers him as and that it seems half the island had a motive to murder her brother.

Now, in addition to the librarian-led murder investigation, Zoe repeatedly gets herself into some odd situations like shooting the Calafat family’s errand boy, Boxer, in the leg with a harpoon gun, stealing bricks of cocaine from a drug dealing pal in an effort to get information, getting arrested for a high speed police chase and more shenanigans. To put it simply, there’s quite a lot happening in this series and yet it doesn’t seem like there’s much of a payoff for audiences, as viewers will see once Zoe discovers who was behind Axel’s murder.

“White Lines” has so many plotlines happening at once, it can be difficult for the audience to keep track of what’s happening, especially with clips of Axel’s life constantly being spliced into Zoe’s over-the-top ruminations about her brother, that viewers might feel as though they’re experiencing a visual whiplash.

This sex, drugs and house-music fueled tale will provide chaos junkies with plenty of entertainment, even if the episodes drag at times.

“White Lines” has one season available on Netflix and the series is rated TV-MA. Viewers might also enjoy Netflix’s crime drama “The Stranger,” which follows a suburban town falling apart as a mysterious stranger reveal the locals’ secrets.