That’s right, true crime fans, “Unsolved Mysteries” is back and Netflix is here to provide viewers with plenty of puzzling crimes.

The new season features six different crimes, some that seem like they should be open and shut cases ... just without a body and others highlight the varied nature of human nature.

In the first episode a man goes missing, only to have his body discovered later inside a hole in a parking garage roof. While the body is mangled, his phone and glasses are perfectly intact, which makes little sense given that the authorities ruled his death a suicide. A family is left wondering what happened during a fatal 13-minute window when a salon owner vanished, only to have her remains uncovered nearly two years later without any explanation of what happened to her. In France a wealthy man and his family suddenly disappear; when police investigate the missing family, they discover the remains of the family under the house and the primary suspect appears to have vanished into thin air. In another episode a black man becomes a missing person after he fails to come home from a party, a month later his body was discovered and those close to him believe his death was the result of a hate crime.

The most bizarre episode appears to revolve around a series of alien encounters in 1969 as Massachusetts residents recall a series of strange UFO encounters in 1969, but no one has been able to explain or rationalize their puzzling experiences.

However, the case of a young woman who goes missing right before she is expected to testify in court about her mother’s involvement in her former stepfather’s disappearance is just as captivating as the UFO encounter. The series will leave true crime fans intrigued as a series of detectives, reporters and others offer details and insights into these unsolved incidents.

“Unsolved Mysteries” has one season available on Netflix and is rated TV-MA. Audiences looking for more crime related content might also be interested in the Netflix docuseries “Trial By Media,” which highlights different cases that became headline sensations.

Unsolved Mysteries

Seasons: One

Episodes: 6

Episode length: 40-50 minutes

TV rating: TV-MA

Language: English/ French

Similar series: Trial By Media