‘Tiger King’ is a bonkers must-watch series

Look, speaking as a person who reviews TV and has watched plenty of it, “Tiger King” is probably the craziest thing I’ve ever seen and I’ve watched “Love Is Blind” and “Married at First Sight.”

Netflix’s new docuseries, “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness” is wilder than the tigers and lions populating the series. The series revolves around a couple of big cat (lions, tigers, leopards, etc.) zoo/rescue owners who have pretty eccentric personalities. The star of the series, an Oklahoma man known as Joe Exotic, has an ongoing feud with a woman, Carole Baskin, who runs a big cat sanctuary in Florida, and this feud leads to plenty of time in court and an attempted murder plot. That alone sounds pretty intense right? Well folks, buckle up because this docuseries is a roller coaster of shenanigans.

In addition to the murder plot, “Tiger King” features polygamy, a cold missing man case, country music videos, swingers, a political campaign, a possible cult and some puzzling haircuts. Frankly, this series makes the shenanigans that occur in most soap operas seem pretty tame in comparison because “Tiger King” is absolutely bonkers.

Joe Exotic, is the charismatic, self-proclaimed Tiger King who breeds and raises big cats for his zoo. When he’s not taking care of his animals or spending time with his two husbands, he’s spewing violent vitriol at Carole Baskin through his online videos. Carole and Joe are at odds because Carole feels that Joe’s tiger breeding is a form of animal abuse and she works to discredit him and have a law made so private zoos like his can’t have big cats.

Joe is not the only one in the big cat community to dislike Carole. The series also features interviews with other big cat keepers who cast her in a negative light, but he appears to be the only one who hates her so much to be willing to get violent.

Viewers looking for an absolutely captivating series will find that and much more in this bizarre series that will leave them speechless.

“Tiger King” has one season on Netflix. The series is rated TV-MA and while it’s great for your virtual water cooler chats, it isn’t particularly child friendly. Audiences looking for more strange documentaries might also enjoy “Evil Genius,” which follows the 2003 Pizza Bomber investigation. For something to make you shout at the TV, watch the documentary “Abducted in Plain Sight,” which follows the events that lead to a family friend abducting the same child twice. Both are available on Netflix.

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness

Seasons: One

Episodes: Seven

Episode duration: 45 minutes

Rating: TV-MA

Language: English

Similar series: Evil Genius or Abducted in Plain Sight