This grilling recipe is a ribbing good time

During a recent grilling experiment I decided to barbecue beef ribs. This is important to specify that I made beef ribs, because, for the life of me, it was a struggle to find the darn things. I’m not a pork person, my family is not particularly big on it either, so in my stray ambition to try my hand at making ribs it had to be beef.

So before making my ribs I spent a comical amount of time researching the best way to make ribs and decided to boil and grill them slowly in my efforts to make the tenderest fall-off-the-bone ribs I could. Blissfully my extensive googling paid off and they came out like a dream because by the end of it my kitchen table was glowing with comfort food charm (mostly because I paired it with corn on the cob, baked macaroni and cheese and corn bread).

Barbecue Beef Ribs

1 pack beef ribs

20 oz. barbecue sauce (dealer’s choice)

4 oz. ground peppercorns


Check the ribs and trim off any excessive fat (or you’ll pay for it later) and place them in a large pot with water. Season the water with the ground peppercorns and salt and place the pot on a medium heat and cook for roughly an hour. Pour some of the sauce on a disposable tin, enough to coat the bottom. Take the ribs out of the water and place in a disposable tin. Add more sauce. Place the tin on the grill on a low heat (250-300 degrees) and cook for another two hours. Flip the ribs and add more sauce periodically. Once done, grab some napkins and get ready to eat.