There’s no trick with Kneads and Cravings’ latest chocolately treat

Looking for a creative way to use up leftover Halloween candy? Try this sweet and salty bark recipe.

Looking for a creative way to use up leftover Halloween candy? Try this sweet and salty bark recipe.

TinaMarie Craven/ Hearst Connecticut Media

In an effort to properly prepare for Halloween, I went out and purchased a maddening amount of candy. Here’s the thing, where I live I get maybe one trick or treater a year. So now I’m stuck with all this candy that I can’t possibly eat. In an effort to put the chocolatey treats to some good use, I decided to make a post-Halloween candy bark.

The great thing about making bark is people often think it takes a lot of effort to prepare it, when in reality it takes less than five to put it together. During the winter holidays I often churn out tins of peppermint bark like a deranged Keelber elf (I have a voracious and demanding collection of friends and family) but I thought it could be fun to expand my bark making horizons. If you’re also looking for something fun and easy to make with friends or even the kids (this recipe is very child friendly), try your hand at making this sweet and salty bark.

Trash Bark

20 oz. semi-sweet melting chocolate (I used Ghirardelli)

1 cup pretzels

1 cup regular potato chips

½ cup melted creamy peanut butter

Handful of M&Ms

Chocolate candies of your choosing

Break the melting chocolate into squares and melt in a pot on a low heat. Once all the chocolate is melted and smooth, evenly spread it on a parchment paper lined pan. Smooth the chocolate before drizzling melted peanut butter on the chocolate. Use a toothpick to swirl the peanut butter into the chocolate. Top the chocolate with the chips, pretzels and candy, lightly pressing the toppings into the chocolate so they stay on when it sets. Once the toppings are applied to your satisfaction, place the pan in the fridge to let it set for 1-2 hours. Remove the chilled bark from the fridge and break the bark into smaller pieces, using a candy hammer or your hands. Once the bark is broken up, it is ready to be served.

For my bark, I used M&Ms, mini Reese’s peanut butter cups and mini Twix bits. Chefs can use whatever chocolate candy strikes your fancy. For larger pieces of chocolate, cut the candy into bite size pieces so it can set properly on the chocolate. For those with nut allergies, peanut butter drizzle can always be replaced with a caramel or marshmallow drizzle.