During a time when local events are cancelled and people are encouraged to stay at home, St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church in Wilton will provide a three-part virtual concert series, kicking off on April 5.

The musical performances will be led by international conductor Scott Ellaway and will be made available to viewers for free through OpusYou, a digital media library for music teachers.

“We are delighted that in his capacity as artist in residence, Scott Ellaway has made available the use of OpusYou for broadcasts and for music education,” said the Rev. Marissa Rohrbach, Rector of St. Matthew’s. “Through OpusYou, St. Matthew’s is pleased to offer music education to students throughout Fairfield County at no cost for one year. This supports and furthers the commitment St. Matthew’s has always had to excellent music formation for people of all ages. We hope this project of our Music Ministry will strengthen the wider community through the arts during this time of separation and social distancing.”

The 25 minute performances will guide audiences through a musical journey of the Four Last Songs by Richard Strauss. Each song will be explored through an immersive virtual performance, followed by a question and answer session with Ellaway and the soloist. Audience members will be invited to deepen their exploration of music with accompanying online resources. The performances will be held on April 5, April 9 and April 11 at 3 p.m.

“Artistic performances are a universal experience that offer healing and hope in times of darkness,” said Scott Ellaway, artistic director. “With the support of St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, I’m honored to take local performing arts into the digital realm so our communities can continue the appreciation and practice of music - no matter the circumstances.”

To view the performances, visit https://opusyou.com/cinematic-broadcast/strauss-four-last-songs.