Shir Shalom volunteers feed the hungry in New York City Breakfast Run

A group of 16 volunteers from Congregation Shir Shalom spent the weekend of Nov. 16-17 shopping, organizing, preparing and traveling in a caravan with food, beverages and other necessities for distribution to 30 homeless persons in New York City.

Led by organizers Amy Margulies and Debbie Lavin, the synagogue’s annual Breakfast Run is part of Midnight Run, a regional consortium of more than 150 schools and houses of worship that provides the destitute with clothing, blankets, and personal care articles, as well as breakfasts and lunches.

For the Shir Shalom run, new clothes were donated by members of the synagogue’s sisterhood, who also bought groceries to make sandwiches. In addition to a variety of dairy and meat sandwiches, fruit, granola bars, juice, water, coffee and hot chocolate also were supplied, as well as toiletries, gloves, hats, sweatshirts and undergarments.