What happens when a stranger comes up to you and drops a bomb on your life out of the blue? Well, for starters it certainly shakes up suburban living.

Netflix’s new series based on the Harlan Coben novel by the same title, “The Stranger,” is a deliciously bingeable series that will keep audiences up into the wee hours of the night as they watch the thriller unfurl.

Adam Price is happily parenting at his son’s soccer practice when a woman he’s never met before reveals a damning secret about his wife, Corinne. At first Adam thinks the stranger must be mistaken, his wife would never do something so terrible or cruel, but when he begins to dig into his finances he finds proof of the betrayal. When Adam confronts his wife about the lie, she doesn’t deny it but later disappears. Meanwhile two detectives find themselves puzzled after finding a naked teenager unconscious in the woods and a decapitated alpaca in the same morning. After Adam’s wife goes missing, he tries to track down the stranger, who seems to have made a habit out of blackmailing people about their secrets and has left quite a destructive trail in her wake. The small village seems to be turning on itself as more secrets are unearthed and a murder rattles detective Johanna Griffen. Once things become personal for Johanna, the case begins to move at a rapid clip.

What secrets will be revealed? Who is the stranger and why does she know so much about all of these people?

Richard Armitage (“The Hobbit”) plays Adam, the baffled husband trying to find his wife with a poignant intensity. Siobhan Finneran plays the fiery detective Johanna, despite being ready for retirement the detective can’t help but let herself get sucked into this odd case, which goes far beyond a teenager in the woods. Hannah John-Kamen provides a clever turn as the stranger, a woman hiding plenty of her own secrets as she goes about unearthing the secrets of others.

“The Stranger” is a limited series available on Netflix. The series is rated TV-MA. Viewers might also enjoy “Safe.” It is another Netflix adaptation of one of Coben’s novels that follows a father trying to find his teenage daughter when she disappears within their private community.