Secrets lurk in Netflix's new thriller 'The Woods'

Netflix’s Polish series “The Woods” is the streaming platform’s third adaptation of a Harlan Coben novel.

“The Woods” tells the story of a Warsaw prosecutor, Pawel Kopińsk, who has lived a pretty tragic life. When he was a teenager working at a summer camp, his younger sister went missing and was presumed to be dead. His mother unable to cope with the loss of her daughter abandoned Pawel a few months later and as an adult he lost his wife to cancer. Now Pawel is being pulled back into his dark childhood after investigators discovered a dead body with stories and pictures of Pawel in his pockets. When Pawel realizes that the corpse belongs to one of his old camp friends that had presumably died in the same incident that claimed his sister, he begins to investigate what actually happened in the woods that summer.

The series jumps back and forth through time to the idyllic summer days in 1994 to Pawel’s life in 2019 as he tries to piece together the clues about his sister’s fate. While looking into his past, Pawel is also in the process of prosecuting a rape case against the son of a wealthy man who is determined to get Pawel to drop the case. The series also jumps to Laura, who dated Pawel in 1994 and was the daughter of the summer camp director and reveals how the case impacted her life. When Pawel and Laura reconnect, the two discover that they are not the only ones trying to unravel the mystery of what happened that fateful summer in 1994.

“The Woods” unfolds as a tricky noir that leaves audiences captivated to know more about the case and who could have committed the murders. The entire cast brings the series to life with their visceral and vivid portrayals of adults still reeling from the 1994 trauma.

“The Woods” has one season available on Netflix and is rated TV-MA. Audiences might also enjoy Netflix’s adaptation of Coben’s novel “The Stranger,” which reveals the delicate nature of a small town after an unknown woman appears and begins to reveal all of the residents’ secrets.

The Woods

Seasons: One

Episodes: Six

Episode length: 1 hour

Rating: TV-MA

Language: English/ Polish

Similar series: The Stranger