In response to the death of George Floyd, the country has erupted with Black Lives Matter protests across the country.

In Ridgefield, a new organization, Ridgefield Allies: What Can I Do? — What Can We Do?, has been established in an effort to combat racism within the local community. On their website, Ridgefield Allies stated, “we cannot stand silent while communities of color continue to suffer under the weight of violence, discrimination and injustice.”

On June 7, Ridgefield Allies will be holding a virtual rally as part of the website’s launch. The rally will be held at 1 p.m. and was organized by Jessica Mancini, Mark Robinson, Da’Misi Adetona, Alex Harris and Bryan Perry.

Robinson said the rally will feature six speakers over Zoom and will be livestreamed through Facebook Live and YouTube. He also noted that the rally’s objectives are to:

 Express solidarity with communities of color regarding the issues of systemic racism and police treatment of people of color.

 Recognize and embrace our responsibilities — individually and collectively — as humans, as citizens and as people of privilege.

 Identify resources and methods that we — individually and collectively — can employ to do more to have a positive impact on these issues.

Ridgefield Allies stated that their organization’s goal is “to highlight what we can do as individuals and as a community to combat racism, and to bring together bright minds to educate, inspire, and motivate our community to take action against racism.”

The Ridgefield Allies website features a resources list that includes books, articles, documentaries and websites people can turn to educate themselves on racial issues.

“We support and seek to be active allies to organizations taking the lead in the fight for racial justice in America, including Color of Change, Black Lives Matter and the NAACP. We support them in their mission and you can too,” the website states.

For more information about Ridgefield Allies and their virtual rally, visit

This article was updated after misidentifying the Ridgefield Allies organizers.