Binge and Repeat: Netflix revamps the beloved 'Baby-Sitters Club' with contemporary twist

The gals from the “Baby-Sitters Club” are reporting for duty in Netflix’s new series, based on the popular children’s books.

As someone who didn’t grow up reading about this group of opinionated, spunky and kind preteens I can’t help but feel like I missed out on this gaggle of pint-sized entrepreneurs.

The series begins when Kristy, a feisty 12-year-old gets the idea to start a babysitting business with her friends after watching her mother struggle to find someone to watch her youngest son without breaking the bank. Kristy enlists her best friend Mary Anne and her old pal Claudia to help her form the Baby-Sitters Club. Claudia invites Stoneybrooke’s new student Stacey to join the club as well. As the four friends grow into their personalities, they quickly become besties as they share the trials of middle school and wrangling their town’s youngsters.

The whole series is packed with sweet, wholesome fun as the girls deal with their different concerns. Kristy is a control freak learning to adjust to life with her mom’s fiance, Claudia wants her parents to understand her passion for art while Mary Anne tries to find her voice and Stacey keeps a secret from her new friends. As the series evolves the girls bring more friends into the club and the girls learn to advocate for themselves and for the children in their care.

In addition to watching the babysitters deal with some of their personal struggles, the show also examines abandonment, grief, divorce, disabilities, sexual orientation and socioeconomic barriers, which was not something I expected to come across in a series about preteen babysitters, but it was certainly a pleasant surprise. While the series is geared toward young girls, parents will also enjoy the humor and sugary nature of the “Baby-Sitters Club” and might find themselves nostalgic for their own middle school days. Parents and kids might also find themselves envying Claudia’s eclectic wardrobe as well (her Halloween costume is brilliant).

The “Baby-Sitters Club” is rated TV-G and has one season on Netflix. Viewers looking for additional lighthearted viewing might also enjoy “Alexa & Katie,” a series about two best friends who are determined to do everything together, including fighting cancer.

Baby-Sitters Club

Seasons: One

Episodes: 10 episodes

Episode length: 20-30 minutes

TV rating: TV-G

Language: English

Similar series: Alexa & Katie