The minds behind “Sherlock” have returned with a new addictive series that, yes, has only a handful of episodes, and yes, those episodes are roughly 90 minutes long.

When audiences are first plunged into the world of “Dracula,” they might find themselves to be initially confused that they’re at a convent. Jonathan Harker, who looks like a invalid, is recounting how he was tortured at the hands of his client, Count Dracula, to two nuns. The lead nun, Sister Agatha, consistently interrupts Harker’s tale of misery with interesting questions and amusing one-liners that will leave viewers in stitches. As Harker tells Sister Agatha about being trapped in Dracula’s castle and the horrors he discovered there, the nun appears to be nonplussed and oddly knowledgeable about occult topics. Now before we give too much away about this series, just know that this telling about Dracula isn’t the one you’ll recall from previous iterations of the fanged count.

The series features a lush set, with Dracula’s castle oozing grim atmosphere, while Sister Agatha’s convent is a bright, but sparsely decorated space. Claes Bang plays the sinister and narcissistic Count Dracula with a saucy panache. As Dracula grows more and more youthful throughout the first episode, Bang amps up the clever aristocratic attitude that his character drapes around him like a cloak. Dolly Wells provides a pitch-perfect performance as Sister Agatha. The nun consistently lands every dry joke with perfect timing and cultivates an astounding bravery when she finds herself face to face with a monster.

Given that “Dracula” was created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, viewers should keep an eye out for Gatiss’s presence on screen (viewers might remember him as Mycroft Holmes in “Sherlock”).

“Dracula” has three episodes available on Netflix. The series is rated TV-14. Viewers might also enjoy Showtime’s “Penny Dreadful” a series that incorporates Victorian horrors Frankenstein and Dorian Gray with other supernatural beings in this monster slaying series, which is available on Netflix, Amazon and Hulu.