Netflix's new South African drama features missing child

Puleng has always lived in the shadow of her missing older sister, who was kidnapped from the hospital when she was born. With the gaping loss in her family, Puleng has always felt that her missing sister took precedence over her and her younger brother in their parents’ eyes.

When Puleng and her family hold a 17th birthday party for her missing sister, Puleng can’t handle the tension at home and heads out to a house party with a friend.

At the party, she meets Fikile, who is also celebrating her 17th birthday and strongly resembles the sketches of what her missing sister would look like now.

Netflix’s new South African series “Blood & Water” follow’s Puleng’s efforts to investigate if Fikile is her missing sister. After meeting Fikile at the party, Puleng’s life begins to fall apart. Her father is arrested and accused of kidnapping his own missing child, which makes her life difficult at her school. Puleng transfers to the ritzy private school where Fikile studies and begins to integrate herself into her clique in an effort to learn more about her potential sister.

The teen mystery is embroiled in secrets as well as teen drama. When Puleng first arrives at the school, she meets Wendy, a social activist and head of the student magazine. Wendy has a deep disdain for Fikile, the popular rich girl with an impressive swimming record. When Fikile runs for Head Girl against Wendy’s friend, Wendy publishes lies about Fikile under Puleng’s name, causing a rift between the two potential sisters. As Puleng tries to adjust to her new school, she finds herself becoming close to two different boys and discovers Fikile’s illicit relationship. While Puleng tries to learn the truth about Fikile, the two repeatedly get into fights making it difficult for the two teens to like each other and Wendy consistently causes trouble at the school.

While the premise is incredibly interesting, at times the mystery is overshadowed by the teen hijinks and school drama. However, even the drama between the kids is enticing and the layered secrets will keep audiences glued to their seats waiting for the big reveal.

“Blood & Water” has one season on Netflix and is rated TV-MA. Viewers might also enjoy Netflix’s Spanish teen drama “Elite,” which follows a couple of working class teens who attend a fancy private school. When the students clash with their wealthier peers, it leads to a murder.

Blood & Water

Seasons: One

Episodes: Six

Episode length: 50 minutes

TV rating: TV-MA

Language: English

Similar series: Elite