Netflix releases fresh 'Queer Eye' season for Pride

Given that June is Pride month, it’s no surprise that Netflix graced viewers with the latest season of “Queer Eye.”

Frankly, with all of the tension going on in the world right now with the pandemic and the protests, I was seriously jonesing for a light and positive series to momentarily distract me from all of the heartache in the news.

Frankly, who is better at bringing people out of their funks and into their best selves than the Fab Five? This season the optimistic and amusing crew set up camp in Philadelphia to help men and women improve themselves. While hanging out with folks from the Philly area, the guys kicked off their season by helping a gay pastor find his style and accept himself right before his church’s big anniversary. Throughout the season Tan, Antoni, Bobby, Karamo and Jonathan help a dog grooming business owner, a father of the bride prepare for his daughter’s wedding, a community volunteer with baggage from his homeless past, a teenaged environmentalist, a Jersey Shore DJ, a fishmonger, a personal trainer, a doctor preparing to start her first job and a supermom of a family caretaker.

Arguably one of this season’s most heartbreaking episodes is when the Fab Five swoops in to the Sweeney family’s life in an effort to teach the family’s supermom how to take time for herself. Jennifer is a devoted mom to her three grown daughters, a caretaker for her husband who has ALS and works to provide for her family. Her story is not the most heartbreaking tale the Fab Five has heard so far in their five seasons, but it certainly resonates with audiences. The “Queer Eye” gang teaches Jennifer how to care for herself instead of just caring for others and she opens up to the guys about about how difficult it is to watch her husband’s health deteriorate and how she’s (obviously) afraid of losing him.

This season viewers will note that Karamo continues to bring people to tears with his gentle conversations about their struggles. It should also be noted Antoni did not mention avocados at all throughout this season. Eagle-eyed viewers might also notice that the fifth season is the longest one yet with 10 episodes instead of the series typical eight.

“Queer Eye” has five seasons available on Netflix. The series is rated TV-14. Audiences might also enjoy watching Marie Kondo gleefully clean other’s clutter in “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.”

Queer Eye

Seasons: Five

Episodes: 42

Episode length: 45 minutes

Rating: TV-14

Language: English

Similar series: Tidying Up with Marie Kondo