Once upon a time that was only a month in the past, people frolicked about with abandon, not a glove or mask to be seen on grocery store patrons and people were blissfully ignorant of social distancing. I’ve been working from home for so long now, my former social life is beginning to seem like a fairy tale. To escape my own tower-bound tale, I ventured to the magical picture box to stream a televised escape. This, of course, led me to Netflix’s adaptation of the fantasy novel by Tonke Dragt.

“The Letter for the King” follows the tale of a young boy who hopes to become a knight in an effort to uphold his adopted father’s honor.

Tiuri isn’t the strongest novice in Dagonaut or the bravest and he also doesn’t quite fit in with the others in his age given that he’s originally from a rival land, Evellian.

On the eve of becoming a knight, Tiuri and the other novices are holding a vigil as part of their final challenge when a harried knock comes to the door. Tiuri, unable to turn away a person in need, opens the door and finds himself being brought to one of the kingdom’s most prominent knights. The dying Black Knight tasks Tiuri with bringing a letter to the king of Unauwen and warns him that if he fails to deliver it in time, the entire realm will be doomed.

Tiuri and the knight’s horse, Ardanwen, set off to deliver the letter while trying to evade the Red Riders and a slew of others trying to pursue Tiuri. Along the way, Lavinnia, a con artist, joins Tiuri’s quest in the hopes of receiving a reward from the king.

In addition to carrying out his quest, Tiuri keeps hearing strange voices and wonders if it has any connection to his birth father.

“The Letter for the King” features beautiful scenery and special effects as Tiuri and Lavinnia tramp throughout the realm on their postal delivery quest. Amir Wilson as Tiuri and Ruby Serkis as Lavinnia have a pleasant chemistry in this knight’s tale of a family-friendly series.

The Letter for the King

Seasons: One

Episodes: Six

Episode duration: 45-50 minutes

Rating: TV-PG

Language: English

Similar series: The Witcher

While the series has a slightly abrupt conclusion in the finale, it reminds viewers that we can always find a light amid the darkness.

“The Letter for the King” has one season on Netflix and is rated TV-PG. Viewers might also enjoy the more mature fantasy series “The Witcher” on Netflix.