Belief and faith are two powerful forces. Joan of Arc led armies into battle based on her faith in God. Joan isn’t the only one out there who has credited her strength to her religious beliefs. However, just because we want to believe in someone it doesn’t mean that his or her claims are real; there are plenty of accounts of false prophets and charlatans.

Netflix’s new series “Messiah” tackles how a modern day society would react if faced with a potential savior. When audiences first meet al-Masih, he is preaching in Damascus as the city prepares for a threat from ISIS, which is then prevented by a sandstorm that lasts more than a month. Some in Damascus believe al-Masih has a divine connection and that he summoned the storm to keep ISIS at bay. When the CIA catches wind of al-Masih and his followers trek to Israel, things begin to get interesting. CIA officer Eva tracks al-Masih, believing that he’s gathering followers and using religion to create public disruption and potentially enact a terrorist plot. Eva tracks al-Masih from Syria to Israel where he somehow escapes the Israeli’s custody. She later finds him in Texas, after he is heralded with saving a teen girl from a tornado. As al-Masih presents more miracles and gains an ever growing following on an international stage, Eva finds herself running out of time to determine what al-Masih is really up to. Is he the messiah (having gained Christian, Jewish and Muslim followers) or is he up to something far more sinister?

Medhi Denbi provides a fascinating portrayal of al-Masih; his character never claims to be the messiah, he simply claims to obey God’s plan. He does not claim that his miracles are real or that he has divine powers, but with every miraculous feat that follows him, he doesn’t deny being a charlatan either. Denbi’s performance is so well balanced and calm it’s easy to understand why people might believe he has a direct hotline to the almighty.

Michelle Monaghan breathes complexity into Eva, a woman simply trying to do her job, while also faced with trying to decide if it’s possible that the man she’s pursuing could potentially be the messiah.

“Messiah” has one season on Netflix. It is rated TV-MA. Audiences might also enjoy “The Path” on Hulu, which follows a man who believes he might be a prophet.