Mindy Kaling releases new comedy series

There’s nothing like a teen crush to distract you from personal problems, especially when fixating on a crush keeps you from dealing with grief.

Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher created “Never Have I Ever,” Netflix’s sassy new coming-of-age series about Devi, an Indian American girl trying to recreate herself after a rocky start to high school. As Devi starts her sophomore year, she wants to shed the previous year’s baggage, which includes her father’s abrupt death at a school concert as well as her temporary psychosomatic paralysis that landed her in a wheelchair for a few months. Now that she’s a sophomore she’s putting last year’s drama behind her as she tries to make herself and her two best friends seem cooler by getting boyfriends. While Devi pushes her friends to get cozy with their targets, she sets her sights on her crush and the school’s resident heartthrob, Paxton.

When Devi fails to correct her friends’ assumption that she and Paxton slept together, a rumor circulates around the school which has less than ideal results. Adding to the series hijinks, Devi and her equally overachieving and hotheaded academic rival, Ben, repeatedly quibble inside and outside the classroom and she even has an odd spate of encounters with a coyote.

“Never Have I Ever” follows Devi as she avoids and begins to work through the grief of her father’s death with flair and humor. While Devi’s story (amusingly narrated by famously angry tennis star John McEnroe) dominates the show, it does explore the personal lives of her friends as well.

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan makes her debut in the series as Devi, bringing the temperamental and savage teen to life. Ramakrishnan steals scene after scene as Devi from the drunken coyote chat to the silly TikTok dance she does with her friends. Poorna Jagannathan plays Devi’s amusingly exasperated mother and Richa Moorjani plays Devi’s sugary sweet cousin Kamala.

This comedy is sweet and funny, something that parents can certainly enjoy with their older children. “Never Have I Ever” has one season available on Netflix. Audiences might also enjoy Kaling’s remake of “Four Wedding and a Funeral” on Hulu.

Never Have I Ever

Seasons: One

Episodes: Ten

Episode duration: 30 minutes

Rating: TV-14

Language: English

Similar series: Four Weddings and a Funeral