‘Love, Victor’ is a sweet LGBTQ coming-of-age tale

Just because June is over, it doesn’t mean Pride has to stop. “Love, Victor” is an LGBTQ series that takes place in the same universe as the hit teen movie “Love, Simon” based on the YA novel “Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda.”

Hulu’s series “Love, Victor” takes place at Creekwood High after Simon has left for college when Victor, a new student, moves to Atlanta mid-year and hears all about Simon and his coming out story. Victor and his family recently moved from Texas and he’s trying to navigate his sexuality while trying to please his religious and traditional family.

Victor reaches out to Simon over his fears that he might also be gay and Simon tries to give him advice about the issues Victor is dealing with.

When Victor catches the eye of the most popular girl in school, he decides to invite her to ride the Ferris wheel with him, thinking that she seems cool and that she could be a new friend. Overnight Victor becomes popular because of his connection with Mia and because he has a strong connection with her. he decides to try dating her. Victor is so afraid of being gay and being honest with himself about his feelings that he tries to force romantic feelings he doesn’t have with Mia in an effort to ignore his growing attraction to Benji, an out gay kid at school and his coworker.

“Love, Victor” is a sweet story about the harsh realities of coming to terms with who you are and taking steps toward self-acceptance. Victor’s character has a huge journey as he grows from timidly typing the words “I’m like you” to Simon to verbally owning his identity.

In addition to revealing Victor’s gradual coming-out story, the show also delves into some of the issues other characters have in the series. Viewers witness Mia try to grow from her abandonment issues, Felix refusing to accept less than his worth and Lake trying to take stock of life at a deeper level.

Michael Cimino plays Victor’s vulnerability beautifully as he tries to understand who he is. Isabella Ferreira plays Victor’s angsty sister Pilar who steals away the scenes with her grumbling teenage rage. Anthony Turpel provides some levity to the series as Victor’s oddball neighbor and friend Felix.

Love, Victor

Seasons: One

Episodes: 10

Episode length: 30 minutes

Rating: TV-14

Language: English

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“Love, Victor” has one season on Hulu and the series is rated TV-14. Viewers might also enjoy Netflix’s “The Politician,” a campy series about a closeted gay student running for class president.