Italian thriller focuses on small town’s murky history

Netflix’s thrilling new horror series “Curon” takes place in a small Italian village near the Italian/Austrian border.

Anna has decided to return to her hometown of Curon after fleeing the strange village 17 years earlier and is bringing her unwilling twin teens with her. All her adult life Anna has been plagued with nightmares surrounding her mother’s death and her father’s decision to send her away from Curon.

Now that she’s returned to the eerie village with Mauro and Daria in tow, Anna decides to return to her family’s hotel to try and understand what the nightmares actually mean. Once there Anna and the kids are met with a chilly reception from her father and he urges them to leave the village the next day. Instead of heeding her father’s warnings, Anna enrolls the children in school and begins to poke around the old hotel. When Anna disappears, Daria and Mauro try to track their mother down and begin to notice some of the creepier elements of their grandfather’s hotel and the town’s fondness for adorning everything with a cross.

As the children try to uncover what has happened to their mother, their grandfather tries to keep the town’s supernatural secrets away from the children and tries to prevent them from learning about the dangerous bells. While Mauro and Daria search for their mother, they learn tidbits about the village’s history and how their ancestors were responsible for flooding the old town that now houses the lake.

“Curon” is a creepy summer series that oozes with old history, but the plot isn’t particularly clear. While different characters drop hints about the danger lurking behind the bells and the shadows that rise from the lake, it never explains how Anna’s family is responsible for the supernatural events.

“Curon” is an Italian series, with English voice-overs and subtitles available. The series is rated TV-MA. For audiences looking for another foreign thriller, consider watching Netflix’s “Dark.” The German series revolves around how a group of families are generationally impacted after a child goes missing.


Seasons: One

Episodes: Seven

Episode length: 45 minutes

Rating: TV-MA

Language: Italian/ German/ English

Similar series: Dark