‘I’m Not Okay With This’ needs more more oomph

Adolescence is a dark time for a lot of teenagers. Their bodies are changing, they’re moody, they’re confronting their sexuality and their friendships are tested by the social norms of the teenage popularity hierarchy.

“IT” actress Sophia Lillis stars in Netflix’s adaptation of Charles Forsman’s graphic novel “I’m Not Okay With This,” which delves into teenage struggles and first introduces viewers to Syd as she runs down a street covered in blood... which is something that teenagers don’t typically have to deal with.

Life for a teenager can be even harder when they’re trying to grapple with their grief over the loss of a parent. For Syd, she’s dealing with all the regular teenage garbage and her father’s suicide. Because she’s down a parent, her mother increasingly relies on Syd to help take care of her younger brother, which adds stress to Syd’s already angsty existence. Her best friend has gotten a boyfriend, a jerky jock, and Syd is feeling more alone and angry than before, to the point that her high school guidance counselor has assigned Syd the task of writing down her feelings in a journal adorned with a rainbow mermaid cat ... just what an angry girl needs a rainbow mermaid cat.

As Syd tries to deal with all of her personal drama, she notices that strange things keep happening to her. When she gets mad, she appears to have telekinetic powers that cause mayhem around her.

While the series premise is certainly interesting, audiences are left with a number of questions as the show quickly flips through the plot. Is Syd’s leg acne involved in the manifestation of her powers? What are the limits of Syd’s abilities? Why did Netflix only give viewers seven episodes? It just feels like Netflix could have flushed out the narrative more.

The series has one season available on Netflix. Viewers might also enjoy “Locke & Key,” which also features children learning about secret powers after their father’s death.

I Am Not Okay With This

Seasons: One

Episodes: Seven

Episode duration: 20-25 minutes

Rating: TV-MA

Language: English

Similar series: Locke & Key