Holiday comedy casts light on being single at Christmas

Ever been single during the holiday season? Ever been single during the holiday season and have just about everyone you know demand to know how you have the audacity to still be single? Step right up, folks, this funky little Norwegian series is for you.

“Home for Christmas” follows Johanne as she tries to find a boyfriend to bring home with her for Christmas, which is difficult since she only has 24 days to find someone who doesn’t make her skin crawl. Johanne has been contentedly single for a few years after she recovered from a breakup with a man so perfect, her mother still won’t stop talking about it three years later. Her mother also won’t stop asking her about why she hasn’t found a man yet (probably because every mother ever is hardwired to demand grandchildren). After Johanne’s mother shunts her off to the kid’s table at a family gathering she decides to do something crazy and tell everyone she’s been seeing someone and her family demands to meet him at Christmas.

From here Johanne enlists the help of a few friends to find someone to bring home for Christmas. She tries online dating, speed dating, dating older men, dating younger men and finds herself absolutely frustrated with the entire process. As Johanne experiments with the dating scene, she also has to care for her patients at the hospital, where she works as a dedicated nurse taking the time to get to know her and cheer her patients while also preparing for the holidays.

As she moves through the highs and lows of her dating acrobatics, Johanne is forced to be more open with others and finds herself juggling more admirers than she had anticipated. “Home for Christmas” is a quirky and fun holiday series that many viewers will find all too relatable.

“Home for the Holidays” has one (very quick) season available on Netflix. Viewers looking to watch more festive series might also enjoy “Merry Happy Whatever” on Netflix. When Emmy and Matt go to Philly to visit with her family, Matt tries to win over her difficult father in the hopes of getting his permission to propose to Emmy.